Friday, October 24, 2014

Weekend Wear

Woohoo, it's Friday! When it gets to the weekend I want to wear something comfy & chic. This weekend is going to be spent trying to enjoy all things fall- hot apple cider, carving pumpkins & scary movie marathons.
Side note- I finally understand the fuss with the piko tops! The fabric drapes perfectly & is probably the most comfortable thing I own. I'm also obsessed with these statement sunglass straps from Sintillia. I never leave the house without a pair of shades & these straps double as a stylish accessory- such a genius idea!
 photo loveblackbird_zps2d6bdf70.jpg

What I'm Wearing:
Army Green Piko Top: Love, Blackbird Boutique (snag a discount on Midwest Bloggers!)
   Jeans: American Eagle (similar)  | Lace Up Suede Wedges: Steve Madden (similar
 Leather Clutch: Lands' End (similar) | Stylish Sunglass Straps: Sintillia

 photo loveblackbird2_zpsc7533318.jpg

 photo loveblackbird5_zps8ecb547f.jpg
 photo sintillia_zpscc634edb.jpg
Sintillia Sunglass Straps: Boho Braids | Gold & Glowing Chains
I am chronically losing sunglasses - to the point that I never felt like I could splurge on an investment pair because I'd be too worried about misplacing them. Thankfully, that will never be a problem again. I'm so glad that Sintillia's finally come up with a designs that are stylish and are one heck of a statement sunglass strap! Be sure to check out their site for all of the chic options.
Want to try a pair for yourselves? Get 15% off your Sintillia order w/ code: LPFSintillia
xoxo, lauren

Thursday, October 23, 2014

His & Hers Fall Style

October has to be my favorite month of the year. The weather is perfection and it’s as if the trees come to life in vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red. Fall is officially here in Wisconsin and I’ve been breaking out my favorite autumn pieces- from booties to dark wash denim to cozy cold weather accessories. Our new Nordstrom Rack store opened in Madison this month and today’s post features a few pieces I’ve picked up from the new location!

In today’s post I’m doing something a little different. Normally, my boyfriend’s the one behind the camera for many of my outfit posts, but I wanted to treat him to his own feature! He has great style to begin with, but I love any occasion that he gets a little bit dressed up. I’m a sucker for a tie & button down- so handsome!
La Petite Fashionista: His & Hers Fall Style
In my styling session with Kyle we incorporated a couple of great fall menswear pieces: a chambray button down, plaid tie & patterned socks. The chambray button down is a versatile wardrobe staple for any guy to have in their closet. Choosing a tie with a more casual fabric than silk gives it a cool, laid back vibe. The socks are probably my favorite part of the outfit, they’re such a fun pop of print! I’ve been buying patterned socks for him & he’s started wearing them to work every day!
La Petite Fashionista: Men's Preppy Fall Style

La Petite Fashionista: Men's Preppy Fall Style

What He's Wearing:
  Chambray Shirt: Dockers via Nordstrom Rack (similar) | Tie: Penguin via Nordstrom Rack
Socks: English Laundry via Nordstrom Rack
I couldn’t resist taking advantage of our photo shoot and had to jump in for a picture with him. I’m wearing a couple of my favorite recent buys from Nordstrom Rack, a perfectly floaty blouse & embellished knit headband (I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten on it)!
La Petite Fashionista: White Blouse & Embellished Headband

La Petite Fashionista: Embellished Knit Headband & Red Lipstick
What I'm Wearing:
White Blouse: Lush via Nordstrom Rack | Embellished Knit Headband: Free Press via Nordstrom Rack
A tip for the guys who don’t enjoy getting dressed up- ease them into a more dapper look by pairing pieces they’re comfortable with (an un-stuffy button down) with more refined pieces like a patterned tie & khaki pants. This look was totally out of Kyle’s comfort zone, but he ended up loving it. A perk to being a fashion blogger’s boyfriend is having a built in stylist, right? Might as well take advantage of my fashion know-how!
xoxo, lauren
This post was sponsored by Nordstrom Rack. All views are my own.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Latest Lust: Chic Coats

Growing up in Florida the idea of having to put a coat on every time you go outside was completely foreign to me. It was probably one of the most difficult transitions for me when I moved (other than you know, that whole scraping ice off your car every morning thing). I was constantly leaving my house without a coat and subsequently freezing my butt off- either suffering for the sake of fashion or totally underestimating the sub-zero temperatures.
Now, with a few winters under my belt, I've come to realize that the trick to ensure you're properly bundled up each time you go outside is to make sure you have some cute coats! I have my tried and true puffy down coats that make me feel like I'm in a sleeping bag- but I definitely need to add a couple of more fashion forward pieces to my fall & winter wardrobe.
I've rounded up a few outerwear trends that will leave you chic but not cold!
Latest Lust: Chic Coats
Shop The Post: Chic Coats
Plaid- Long Plaid Coat: Nasty Gal | Black & White Plaid: B.B. Dakota | Plaid Moto Jacket: GAP
Candy Colored- Pink Coat: JOA | Long Boucle Coat- Nordstrom | Colorblock Coat: Dynamite
Texture- Faux Fur Jacket: Glamorous | Tweed Coat: BB Dakota | Slouchy Wool Coat: Free People
A few coat trends for this year are plaid patterns, candy colored coats (with big lapels or long open coats), & texture in the form of tweed, faux fur & boucle.
Fun fact - I actually started off my fashion merchandising career in Outerwear. It was pretty ironic for the girl who had only been in a snow a couple of times to be selecting an outerwear assortment, but I learned a ton about quality, fabrics & technical features. I always recall my merchandising know-how when I'm shopping for winter jackets!
What type of coat do you wear to look chic & cozy in chilly temperatures?
xoxo, lauren

Monday, October 20, 2014

DIY Flower Crown Tutorial

When I decided I was going to be a 60's hippie for Halloween I wanted to give the costume my own personal touch! I decided to make a flower crown, totally winging it and using some of my Christmas wreath making know-how. I'm obsessed with how it turned out. It has all of the beauty of a real floral crown but will last forever with beautiful faux ranunculus blooms. & baby's breath.
This flower crown would be perfect for a costume, music festival, fashion editorial or even wedding!I'm going to walk you through the tutorial to create a flower crown for yourself. I swear it's easier than it looks.
La Petite Fashionista | DIY Flower Crown Tutorial
DIY Floral Crown
Two Faux Floral Stems (variation in size is key!)
Faux Baby's Breath Floral Stems
Green Floral Wire
La Petite Fashionista | DIY Flower Crown Tutorial
Flower Crown Tutorial Steps:
1. Start by cutting off around 3-4 feet of green floral wire. Wrap the wire around your head three times with some slight slack (it will get tighter once you add flowers to the crown). Cut a couple inches of wire and wrap several times around the crown circle to keep the wires grouped together- repeat in four places spaced out a couple inches apart on the circumference.
2. Cut each flower off the stalk, leaving 1-2 inches of stem. You'll want to lay out the flower pattern starting from the left hand side to the right (you'll probably want to start with small flowers, with larger flowers in the center, and smaller flowers again on the other side  & baby's breath in between each bloom.
3. Take your first flower & wrap the floral wire tightly around the stem (wrapping it 3-4 times), adhering the piece to the wire crown. They key here is NOT to cut the wire, but continue by placing the next floral piece (baby's breath) next to the bloom- ensure that each of the stems are facing in the same direction & wrap tightly around the next bloom.
4. Repeat this process keeping each floral piece spaced closely near eachother. The faux flowers usually have flexible wire stems, so you can slightly bend them to ensure they're all forward facing.
5. Once you've secured the last bloom wrap the wire tightly a few times around the crown to finish it off and tightly secure it. You may see some green wire exposed, don't worry about this!
6. Take ribbon (mine is a 1/4 inch width) & wrap tightly around the perimeter of the crown (covering up any exposed wire), you can also weave it tightly in between the flowers to completely mask any of the wire. Secure it with a tight knot. Next you may want to cut a piece around 2 ft in length, tie it in a bow in the back of the crown letting the ends hang down in the back.
 photo eca44f8e-e6cb-4601-bfe6-905a2c6dd77d_zps612000db.jpg

Don't stress about the crown looking too perfect! Just like in nature, your crown will look a little more real if you allow for a few flowers to go askew.
If you have any questions in the crown making process, be sure to leave them below!
xoxo, lauren

Hippie Chic Halloween Costume

Can you believe it's only 11 days until Halloween?! Have you been thinking about your costume yet? I don't care if I'm 25- I love any reason to get dressed up and Halloween is the perfect excuse. I'm not going to lie there's been pretty much a marathon of scary movies, candy corn eating & decorating with pumpkins since it became October. (Check our newest issue of La Petite Fashionista Magazine for some great DIY costume & décor ideas!)
 This year we're going to a friends Halloween party with friends and I have been giving my costume a lot of thought. I always like to choose a costume that's creative and fits my personality. This "Hippie Hottie" costume perfectly fits my 60's loving persona. I also created a DIY flower crown to go along with the look (get the diy flower crown tutorial here)
La Petite Fashionista | Hippie Chic Costume & DIY Floral Crown
What I'm Wearing: Hottie Hippie Costume- | Flower Crown: DIY (tutorial here)
La Petite Fashionista: Hippie Chic Halloween Costume

La Petite Fashionista: Hippie Chic Halloween Costume
La Petite Fashionista: Hippie Chic Halloween Costume
I'm obsessed with the fringe, embellished peace sign & faux fur vest- total sixties glam. If you're in need of a costume, you can order a costume from up until 4 pm EST on October 30th and it will arrive in time the next day for Halloween.. score!
Do you still dress up for Halloween? What are you being this year?
xoxo, lauren

Saturday, October 18, 2014

La Petite Fashionista Mag Issue 8 is here!

It seems like with each new issue of La Petite Fashionista Mag I just get more and more excited. Issue #8 is no exception! In our fall issue we're sharing: recipes for soul warming soups, a sweater weather fashion editorial, DIY Halloween costumes & décor, a Q&A with Patricia of Piqued PR & way more inspiration. A special thank you to my contributors who've made this issue possible!
The new issue of our digital magazine is available to view on your computer or favorite e-reader. Throughout the week I'll be pinning all of the images from the new issue so be sure to share & show your support - we SO appreciate it!


If you enjoyed the issue, I'd be eternally grateful if you share the link-
Thank you so much for reading. I hope you love the issue as much as we do! Be sure to tag #lpfmag with a picture of you reading the issue or trying any of the recipes or diy's- we'll be featuring our faves on instagram
If you're interested in contributing or advertising for the next issue, send me a note!
xoxo, lauren
Want to check out all of the archives? Get all 8 issues here.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Date Night LBD: 3 Ways

As you've probably heard a million times before- the little black dress is a wardrobe staple! It's true, you can never go wrong with a little black dress, but sometimes it gets tricky to come up with different variations! My new LBD from L.O.L.A is my date night go-to piece. When looking for a date night dress it has to be flattering & something you feel confident in! This v-neck & fit and flare silhouette is perfect.

I've come up with three ways to style the little black dress for date night- no matter what the occasion! So next time you're getting dressed up for a night out, you can have some new ideas to dress up your LBD (this piece from L.O.L.A. is only $36 too- yay for affordable style)!

One Piece 3 Ways | The Date Night LBD

LBD: 3 WAYS- Concert | Dressed up Dinner | Drinks & a Movie

Date Night LBD: Country Concert

Date Night Look #1: Concert
Dress: Rosie Dress by L.O.L.A. | Denim Jacket: H&M (similar) | Cowboy Boots: College Boots (similar) | Agate Cuff: Cole Couture (similar) | Earrings: Forever 21 (similar)

I love pairing a little black dress with cowboy boots for a little bit of  Nashville flair. This would be the perfect look for a country music concert. Don't forget the statement accessories.

Date Night LBD: Dressed up Dinner

Date Night Look #2: Dressed Up Dinner

Dress: Rosie Dress by L.O.L.A. | Platform Heels: Jessica Simpson (similar) | Pink Purse: Kate Spade via Nordstrom Rack (similar) | Pink Statement Necklace: LOFT (similar)

Going to a fancy dinner? Dress up your LBD with some stylish but comfy platform heels, & colorful but classic accessories like a clutch & statement necklace.

Date Night LBD: Drinks & a Movie

Date Night Look #3: Drinks & a Movie
Dress: Rosie Dress by L.O.L.A. | Pink Heels: (similar
Leather Moto Jacket: (similar) | Faux Fur Vest: Nordstrom Rack

My boyfriend and I are avid movie watchers, so my perfect date night is going out for drinks & catchign a new sci-fi film. Movie theaters are always freezing, so be sure to bring a jacket (I've layered this one up with a faux fur vest for extra fun.

Looking for winter date night ideas? Check out this vintage post from LPF: Date Night Ideas.

How do you like to dress up a LBD?

xoxo, lauren

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Colorful Socks + Coffee

Cozy socks & a good read in bed, is there any better way to spend a morning? With all of the gloomy fall weather we've been having there really isn't any more perfect pairing. Thankfully, my friends at Odd Sox make lazy mornings that much better with their statement making socks!

Check out my cozy weekend snaps and a few q&a's with the founders of Odd Sox (who just so happen to have graduated with me & are totally killin it in the fashion biz).

Lazy Morning in Bed

Socks: Odd Sox Nebula Sox | Book: "Relish"- Daphne Oz

Colorful Socks + Coffee

Socks: Odd Sox Bouquet Sox | Book: "IT" - Alexa Chung

I love how much character these socks have. Slipping them on seriously brightens your day. Now for a few words of wisdom & entrepreneurial know-how from Odd Sox. I love that they know how to break the mold- their motto is "Always stand out, be ODD"!

My ODD Sox Picks- love the vibrant photo-real prints:
Try this Trend: ODD Sox

 How did Odd Sox get started?
Started in December of 2013 with the simple goal of bringing real fashion to sox.
What's been your proudest moment so far?
Seeing our parents excitement through the process. We've been working on ideas since we were kids and now that one has come to fruition, the joy of our parents fully realizing that we have a unlimited potential with our future is amazing.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to launch their own business?
Prepare, research and invest in yourself. All the resources you need to create a business are around you, you just have to invest into yourself to figure out how to access and use them to get to your end goal.

What's next for Odd Sox?
Odd sox is poised on becoming the leading sock brand in the world. We will be expanding our product line in 2015 by introducing kids, women's, performance and other innovative sox that will set the standard our industry.

I love seeing friends & peers chasing their dreams & doing big things & making the world a little more colorful in the process!

xoxo, lauren

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Go Blog Social x Chicago

I had the pleasure of attending Go Blog Social in Chicago last weekend (and stayed with one of my favorites, Maya)! I cherished the opportunity to catch up with familiar faces (& meet some sweet new friends) and soak up some words of wisdom from some of blogging's best.

The trip was a total whirlwind, but I had a lot of fun - and it was quite a relief not to have to speak for an audience- and instead could just indulge in lots of coffee and live tweeting. My favorite part was probably getting to meet a few of the ladies from my Social Media With Style workshop- Cait, Hillary & Elaine. I also adored hearing Danielle from the Everygirl speak- it's one of my favorite sites!

I'm sharing a few of my favorite snaps and moments from the event throughout the post!

Go Blog Social x Chicago | Blog Conference

I snapped this picture at sunrise out the window & it turned out looking more like a watercolor!

Go Blog Social x Chicago | Blog Conference

How gorgeous is this space at Workshop in Chicago?

Go Blog Social x Chicago | Blog Conference

Obsessed with this gorgeous chalkboard art.

Go Blog Social x Chicago | Blog Conference

Larkspur Chicago had some gorgeous fall floral arrangements around the workshop!

Go Blog Social x Chicago | Blog Conference

Go Blog Social notebooks from Minted & business cards for networking.

Here are five of my favorite quotes from Go Blog Social Chicago- right from the live tweets from the event attendees!

Have you ever been to a blogging conference, or would you like to?

xoxo, lauren 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Glam Halloween Decor

I LOVE any excuse to decorate. Feeling festive is my jam. So as soon as October rolls around, I'm ready to break out the Halloween decor. Lately, I've been aiming for more glam than kitschy when it comes to Halloween decorations. You can absolutely incorporate festive Halloween pieces into your decor, without it looking cheesy.

I've rounded up a few a few glamorous decorative pieces to get you in the Halloween spirit- from glitter covered pumpkins to metallic pumpkins to gothic glam entertaining pieces.

Glam Halloween Decor: Sparkly Pumpkins, Metallic Skulls & Gothic Glam

Shop the Post: Glam Halloween Decor

To keep Halloween decorations from looking to cheesy in your home, incorporate them into your existing decor. Choosing metallic or black pieces rather than a bright orange makes your home look festive, but not over-the-top!

I'll be sharing more of our decor on the blog over the next couple of weeks. Get ready for even more Halloween fun on the blog. We have the new Fall issue of La Petite Fashionista Mag launching this week and it's full of fall recipes, DIY costume ideas, & fashion editorial gorgeous-ness!

Are you doing anything to decorate for Halloween?

xoxo, lauren
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