Thursday, March 29, 2007

Collegiate Chic

Right now i'm in Tallahassee for preview weekend at FSU (GO NOLES!). Since I've been here I already went to the most adorable boutique ever (that I found online) Rag Junkie, it makes me want to move up here in 2.5 seconds and get a job there. The girl who worked there was a freshman and said that the owner took workers along on buyers trips in L.A. and N.Y. for fashion industry experience.I'm so anxious to talk to the teachers of the fashion merchandise program and see the dorms and eat in the cafeteria and shop for more FSU gear haha. So today's entry is dedicated to College Fashion essentials:

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The Quintescential College Hoody with a stylish twist Chip & Pepper University Hoody (@ Revolve Clothing for $96

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A Roomy Tote for carrying textbooks Classic Noel Tote in Chocolate (@ Kate Spade for $395)

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Cute yet Functional Flats for walking across campus (Red Panda 'Eleanor' Skimmers @ Keds for $40)

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A Colorful & Trendy Laptop Case (Modtop Laptop Cases @ Kate's Paperie for $40)

Check out these blogs for insight into the college fashion world:

I absolutely can not wait until college. I know it'll be an unforgettable experience!

xoxo, lauren

Monday, March 26, 2007

Loving Libertine

[From Radar Magazine] Attention lovers of mass-market clothing! Target's GO line has announced that the next duo to collaborate on a capsule collection for the bull's-eye will be Cindy Greene and Johnson Hartig of Libertine. Best known for clothes that would look fabulous if they didn't have all that crap silk-screened on them, Libertine's designs will be available for just two months, starting in mid-July
So, this collection should be interesting considering the popularity of the last Go International Collection: Proenza Schouler. As the tiny promo pics suggest this collection is going to be really different from any other designers they've shown before. Not many of their signature screened tees in the collection but a lot of eclectic sort of androgynous designs. My favorite pieces are the striped shirtdress, embroidered shorts, and ruffle blouses. I wonder if the public will accept this collection seeing that is not as mainstream as the others. I'm not sure how much I like the collection, I think their runway pieces are more interesting.

Above Left Picture: Piece for Libtertine S/S 2006 [Credit:]
Above: Pieces from the Target GO: Collection

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Greek Chic

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Clockwise from Left: Pisces Hoops (@ for $7), Alexandra Sandals (@ Michael Kors for $106), Gold Bangles (@ Urban Outfitters @ $18), Ankle Wrap Sandal (@ Urban Outfitters for $34), Braided Cami (@ Ella Moss for $114), Maggy London Dress (@ Nordstrom for $188), Lux One Shoulder Dress (@ U.O. for $68), Layered Camisole (@ Ella Moss for $90), Flat Hardware Sandals (@ U.O. for $28)

So my town is totally surrounded by greek culture which has its pros and cons. Pros= delicious restaurants.. can we say chicken souvlakis? Cons=People talking about you in front of you in a foreign language. Anyways today is the Greek Independence Day and the flags were flying all around town & it made me think about what great inspiration ancient greece is. Their style has been around for centuries and is absolutely timeless, almost every season you can spot its influence in designer's collections. My favorite pick are the gladiator sandals because they're so much more stylish than the average flip flop!

xoxo, lauren

Friday, March 23, 2007

Oui Oui Paris!

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(Clockwise from Left: Beret (@ for $7), Paris Necklace (@Forever 21 for $5), J'aime Paris shirt (@ Urban Outfitters for $24), Maven Top (@ Forever 21 for $18), Bonjour Necklace (@ Alex & Chloe for 46), Graphite Turtleneck (@ Old Navy for $10), Entre Nous Book (@ Amazon for $11)

Today's spotlight is on Parisian inspired style, always elgant, classy and simplistic. The style there is exquisite and it is obviously one of the fashion capital's of the world; the birthplace of haute couture and Coco Chanel. I've found a lot of cute French inspired accessories and clothing for s/s 2007. For graduation my mom is taking me on a tour of Europe and Paris is one of the stops on our trip and one of the places i'm most anxious to visit.
Does anyone know of any must-see sights/stores I need to see while i'm there?

This book, Entre Nous: A Woman's Guide to Finding her Inner French Girl, looks like something I might want to read over spring break. Here's the review for it: (

From Publishers Weekly: Most American women would agree that those Frenchies have something going on. La Femme Nikita, Catherine Deneuve, even Audrey Tatou of Amélie fame-they all possess a certain je ne sais quoi. In this cutesy pick-me-up of a book, Ollivier-an American married to a Frenchman-insists that you, too, can be glamorous, mythic and mysterious; "a star in the pantheon of feminine beauty and strength." How can American gals tap into their inner Frenchness? Ollivier lays down the law, interspersing her must-dos with sidebars detailing, for example, legendary French ladies from Josephine Bonaparte to Coco Chanel. Among Ollivier's tips: for loungewear, think silk mou-mous or padded zebra-skin mules, not baggy sweat pants; toss the Equal and use regular sugar in your coffee; and go ahead and gossip, but be discreet. Stereotypical? Peut-être. But Ollivier's overall advice-seek beauty everywhere; accept character flaws; don't rush to define a romantic relationship-goes far beyond the realm of France and its women, and is evident in smart women the world over.

Au Revoir my loves!

xoxo, lauren

P.S. also, if anyone has a StyleDiary please leave a link, i love to check out other fashionistas' style!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hola Mexico!

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(Clockwise from Left: At the Border Dress (@ for $60), Ceramic Tile Earrings (@ Etsy for $13), Powdered Sugar Dress (@ for $55), Mexican Blanket Tote (@ Urban Outfitters for $28), Jocomomola de Sybilla bikni (@ ShopBop for $136), Frida Kahlo Mirror Compact (@ Etsy for $6), Background: Quiksilver Tortilla Towel ($34)

The rest of the week i'm going to have a few spotlights on fashion inspiration from around the world. I love to draw fashion inspiration from everywhere! Right now i'm thinking back to a cruise I took last summer with my mom & boyfriend's family to Cozumel and I decided to find some mexican style inspiration. I love all the vibrant colors, embroidery and the feminine, romantic aspect of their clothing. While I was there I bought an embroidred purple dress & a huge mexican blanket that i always take with me to the beach. Whenever I wear anything Mexican inspired it just puts me in a happy mood because it reminds me of my trip.

xoxo, lauren

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my favorite picture ever! taken in Costa Maya, Mexico

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany's?

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(Clockwise from left: LBD (@ Forever 21 for $23), Boutique 58 Flats (@ Nordstrom for $96), Waist Cinching Belt (@ Rachel Pally for $88), Skinny Crop Pants (@ GAP for $48), Xhileration Vintage Sunglasses (@ Target for $11), Head Scarf (@ Urban Outfitters for $8)

Lately i've been loving Audrey Hepburn. I saw Breakfast at Tiffany's a few months ago and ever since then I've been watching all her movies [i reccommend Roman Holiday & Funny Face] & reading her biographies. Audrey is a true style icon and beautiful woman inside and out. She popularized so many staples in a woman's wardrobe including the little black dress, ballet flats, head scarfs, black oversized sunglasses, skinny jeans, and waist cinching belts. We cannot imagine a world without these styles but Audrey was the one who revolutionized them! She is one of my biggest fashion inspirations.

xoxo, lauren

Monday, March 19, 2007

A bad case of Senioritis

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(Clockwise from Left: Marilyn Monroe Print (@ for $10, Shower Curtain (@ Urban Outfitters for $26, Stick on Words (@ U.O. for $26), Warhol Print (@ for $28), Zebra Rug (@ U.O for $28), Plates (@ LoftParty for $34), Cookbook (@ for $10 )

So i know this doesn't have much to do with clothing, but it definitely relates to fashion. You see, ever since I was accepted to college I've been planning out my future stylish dorm room decor. I just won't feel at home in a suffocating cubicle with cement walls; I'm going to have to make it feel like home! My mom has already lectured me about how I won't need an entire set of dishes when I can't even have a toaster oven in my room but, these from Loft Party are too cute to resist. Next weekend when I take a trip up to the campus and check out the dorms I'll actually see how much space is available. YIKES! Next order of business.. figuring out how i'm going to make room for my immense wardrobe in the lack of closet they provide... suggestions anyone?

xoxo, lauren

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Make Room for Rompers

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(Top Row: Sparkle & Fade (@ Urban Outfitters for $32), Karen Zambos Vintage Couture (@ Shopbop for $385), Metallic Romper (@ American Apparel for $28), Fighting Eel Romper (@ for $79); Bottom Row: La Rok (@ Nordstrom for $178), Charlotte Solnicki (@ Shopbop for $99), Terry Romper (@ A.A. for $19), Juicy Couture Belted Romper (@ Nordstrom for $128)

I think rompers will be a big trend this summer; A great throwback to the past. The twenties. They are so versatile (not to mention comfortable) because they can be worn casually to the beach or pool, or out for a night on the town. It depends on what you pair them with & the material they are composed of. My favorite is the Karen Zambos romper with the butterfly print, it's such a unique piece and a bit dressier than the others because of its made of silk. Can't wait to try this look out!

xoxo, lauren

Friday, March 16, 2007

Modesty is the Best Policy

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(Top Row: Leopard Plunge (for $39 from Newport News), Nautical Anchor Suit (for $86 from Venus), Vix Jewel Monokini (for $148 from Victoria's Secret), Metallic V-Neck (for $140 from Juicy Couture; Bottom Row: Black Monokini (for $33 from Delias), Mesh Dot Suit ($150 from Juicy Couture)

Right now outside my windows its about 85 degrees and sunny: this is resulting in a major desire to go buy bathing suits; particularly one pieces. In the past one pieces were known for their modesty and coverage, but newer styles are more provacative and fun. In reality one pieces are much more flattering than two pieces on most people and now they're all over stores for the summer 2007 season. They might not be very conducive to tanning, but I could just picture myself sailing away on a yacht or sipping virgin pina coladas on the beach in one of these hot little numbers!

xoxo, Lauren

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Feel-Good Fashion

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(Clockwise from Left: Shop Intuition rain boots for Breast Cancer, Local Celebrity tee for the Environment, MAC Viva Glam Lipglass for AIDS, Shop Intuition Luck Pix Guitar picks necklaces for Children's Charities, Avon candle for Domestic Abuse, G.A.P. [RED] tee for AIDS.)

Everyone has seen the recent popularity of "Charity" fashion campaigns. I know spending money and helping charity seems like a sort of pardox, but now more than ever there are so many products for sale which donate proceeds to charity. I found an article on MSNBC which goes into detail about how much these "charity" products are really helping...

"How much of that $28 for a Red Gap T shirt , for example, is actually making it into clinics and villages? Gap donates between 40 and 50 percent of its gross Red profits to the Global Fund—but that doesn’t necessarily mean that 50 percent of your money is going there. Red won't reveal those numbers, but has an “impact calculator” that lets you see what your money can buy (a $28 shirt provides 41 single-dose treatments to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission). But without knowing how the company calculates profit (after accounting for production, marketing, training, etc.), it’s still unclear how many dollars are actually being sent to the Global Fund" (

Your best bet for supporting charity is to actually donate money, or finding proceeds which note exactly how much of the proceeds they are donating (100%, 50%, etc.). If anything the most positive effect of these campaigns is that they have helped causes such as AIDS, Darfur, and Breast Cancer gain public awareness. Good job fellow fashionistas for helping in the effort to solve today's societal problems!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Today's my 18th birthday... YAY!

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I can't believe i'm finally "legal" haha. It just seems so old, and I still feel oh so young and ignorant. My boyfriend suprised me this morning by decorating my car & bought me a really pretty delicate gold bracelet with tri-color hearts (gold, rose gold, and white gold [my bad!] I felt like a million bucks in my yellow mini dress & good luck charm necklace. Tonight's big plans are a sunset on the beach & nice dinner with the boyfriend. I'm also planning on doing some 18 year old things such as: buying a lottery ticket and going to the casino. woo hoo!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I'm obsessed with this necklace! It has about 8 different chains & each one contains a different symbol for good luck (about $5.00 at Forever 21)

My Birthday Horoscope:
March 14, 2007 -- You will take great strides over the coming 12 months - in fact you will go faster and further than even your most ardent supporters thought possible. It seems you have reached that remarkable point where, rather than you playing life, life is now playing you. You are in The Zone - and going places.

My parents got me a laptop for college, so that's exciting and a pocket dictionary that translates about 12 different languages for my mom & I's trip to Europe this summer (my graduation gift). I already found the perfect case for my laptop! I'll put that birthday money to good use

xoxo, Lauren

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Miss Indie-pendent

I love to support indie designers! It is extremely difficult to make it in the fashion industry so I give everyone who designs their own clothing or accessories major kudos! Today's spotlight is on Postlapsaria by 21 year old designer Keiko. She has unique but totally wearable styles for the girly girl who likes to be different. Check out her nautical tanks & babydoll tops that are perfect for one of spring's top trends!

check them out!
Please leave any comments with hellos/critiques/features you would like to see!

xoxo, lauren

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hoods Up

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(Clockwise from left: Hearts hood from Alloy, Boom Box Hoody from Billionare Boys Club (the hoody that started it all), Bow Hoody from Primp, Dino Hoody from Delias, Truly Madly Deeply Hoody from Urban Outfitters)

I'm going to frequently devote posts to my new favorite trends. My first trend post is for patterned hoodies! Now i'm not usually one to pick comfort over cuteness, but these sweatshirts are the best of both worlds! I know the weather's getting warmer already, but a cozy yet stylish sweatshirt will always come in handy. I love that I now have a more stylish options than the traditional hoody.

xoxo, lauren

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hello fellow fashionistas!

Welcome to my new fashion blog, La Petite Fashionista. I called my blog that because I'm young, tiny, and fashion obsessed. I'm lauren, thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll be back.

I'm dedicating my first post to Spring Break Essentials.
Next week is my spring break, unfortunately i'm not visiting any exotic locales,
but at least I'll look cute tanning in the backyard!

Here are my top picks for Spring Break 2007

Brightly colored sundresses for beach going or traveling :

C&C California Abigail Dress in Wisteria ($110.00 @ Revolve Clothing)
-This label is the king of comfort & they have all their clothing in more color options than you could ever imagine..

Roxy "Little Miss" Printed Babydoll Dress ($49.50 @ Nordstrom)
-This loud graphic hawaiian print will definitely get you noticed by the cute locals!

Splendid Pocket Tank Dress ($117.00 at
-Pockets to carry cameras and money; practical and cute!

A pair of chic sunglasses protects your eyes & acts as the perfect spring accessory!

Dolce&Gabbana Logo Wrap Sunglasses ($300 @ Neiman Marcus)
-My boyfriend's aunt owns these & they look even better in person!Red Plastic Aviators ($18.00 @ Urban Outfitters)
- Because aviators just make everyone look so much cooler.

A cute bathing suit is a Spring Break must

L*Space Halter Bikini ($59.00 each top & bottom @ Everything but Water)
-The print of this bathing suit is very reminiscent of the 60s! I love it

Cut Out One Piece Betsy Johnson Swim ($258 @ Victoria's Secret)
-One pieces are becoming more popular thanever before. This betsey suit is the perfect mix of seduction and sweetness.

A roomy yet stylish tote is vital. You can't bring your purse into all that sand!
Beach Love Tote ($14.00 @ Cut+Paste)

-Support your indie designers with this adorable lemon colored tote!

Anchor Duffel ($24.00 @ Fred Flare)

-The perfect bag to accompany all of this season's nautical trends.

Other essentials include beachy/indie music playlists for your ipod, the latest elle magazine, a sweet icy pina colada, and some nice clinique spf to avoid those harmful U.V.'s!

I hope you enjoyed my first post, come back and visit! happy shopping!

xoxo, Lauren

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