Monday, March 19, 2007

A bad case of Senioritis

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(Clockwise from Left: Marilyn Monroe Print (@ for $10, Shower Curtain (@ Urban Outfitters for $26, Stick on Words (@ U.O. for $26), Warhol Print (@ for $28), Zebra Rug (@ U.O for $28), Plates (@ LoftParty for $34), Cookbook (@ for $10 )

So i know this doesn't have much to do with clothing, but it definitely relates to fashion. You see, ever since I was accepted to college I've been planning out my future stylish dorm room decor. I just won't feel at home in a suffocating cubicle with cement walls; I'm going to have to make it feel like home! My mom has already lectured me about how I won't need an entire set of dishes when I can't even have a toaster oven in my room but, these from Loft Party are too cute to resist. Next weekend when I take a trip up to the campus and check out the dorms I'll actually see how much space is available. YIKES! Next order of business.. figuring out how i'm going to make room for my immense wardrobe in the lack of closet they provide... suggestions anyone?

xoxo, lauren

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