Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hola Mexico!

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(Clockwise from Left: At the Border Dress (@ for $60), Ceramic Tile Earrings (@ Etsy for $13), Powdered Sugar Dress (@ for $55), Mexican Blanket Tote (@ Urban Outfitters for $28), Jocomomola de Sybilla bikni (@ ShopBop for $136), Frida Kahlo Mirror Compact (@ Etsy for $6), Background: Quiksilver Tortilla Towel ($34)

The rest of the week i'm going to have a few spotlights on fashion inspiration from around the world. I love to draw fashion inspiration from everywhere! Right now i'm thinking back to a cruise I took last summer with my mom & boyfriend's family to Cozumel and I decided to find some mexican style inspiration. I love all the vibrant colors, embroidery and the feminine, romantic aspect of their clothing. While I was there I bought an embroidred purple dress & a huge mexican blanket that i always take with me to the beach. Whenever I wear anything Mexican inspired it just puts me in a happy mood because it reminds me of my trip.

xoxo, lauren

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my favorite picture ever! taken in Costa Maya, Mexico

1 comment:

Alex Richards said...

I love that bikini. The colors are fab. The big flowy mexican dresses always look like crap on me. Like giant moo-moos. But if you can pull it off, more power to ya!

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