Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hoods Up

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(Clockwise from left: Hearts hood from Alloy, Boom Box Hoody from Billionare Boys Club (the hoody that started it all), Bow Hoody from Primp, Dino Hoody from Delias, Truly Madly Deeply Hoody from Urban Outfitters)

I'm going to frequently devote posts to my new favorite trends. My first trend post is for patterned hoodies! Now i'm not usually one to pick comfort over cuteness, but these sweatshirts are the best of both worlds! I know the weather's getting warmer already, but a cozy yet stylish sweatshirt will always come in handy. I love that I now have a more stylish options than the traditional hoody.

xoxo, lauren


Anonymous said...

Hello fellow TFSer! I love your blog too! I will definitely add it to my favorites. :)

*Lauren The It Girl* said...

hey lauren - I love your blog! The header is ah-dorable, and so far, your posts have been great! Make sure to post a lot more - I'll be constantly checking!
- Teen Fashion Bible's Lauren <3

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