Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Today's my 18th birthday... YAY!

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I can't believe i'm finally "legal" haha. It just seems so old, and I still feel oh so young and ignorant. My boyfriend suprised me this morning by decorating my car & bought me a really pretty delicate gold bracelet with tri-color hearts (gold, rose gold, and white gold [my bad!] I felt like a million bucks in my yellow mini dress & good luck charm necklace. Tonight's big plans are a sunset on the beach & nice dinner with the boyfriend. I'm also planning on doing some 18 year old things such as: buying a lottery ticket and going to the casino. woo hoo!

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I'm obsessed with this necklace! It has about 8 different chains & each one contains a different symbol for good luck (about $5.00 at Forever 21)

My Birthday Horoscope:
March 14, 2007 -- You will take great strides over the coming 12 months - in fact you will go faster and further than even your most ardent supporters thought possible. It seems you have reached that remarkable point where, rather than you playing life, life is now playing you. You are in The Zone - and going places.

My parents got me a laptop for college, so that's exciting and a pocket dictionary that translates about 12 different languages for my mom & I's trip to Europe this summer (my graduation gift). I already found the perfect case for my laptop! I'll put that birthday money to good use

xoxo, Lauren

1 comment:

Alex Richards said...

Happy Birthday!
You're boyfriend sounds like a keeper.
And I luv that laptop case. I gotta get me one of those.
Cute site, btw. :)

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