Friday, March 16, 2007

Modesty is the Best Policy

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(Top Row: Leopard Plunge (for $39 from Newport News), Nautical Anchor Suit (for $86 from Venus), Vix Jewel Monokini (for $148 from Victoria's Secret), Metallic V-Neck (for $140 from Juicy Couture; Bottom Row: Black Monokini (for $33 from Delias), Mesh Dot Suit ($150 from Juicy Couture)

Right now outside my windows its about 85 degrees and sunny: this is resulting in a major desire to go buy bathing suits; particularly one pieces. In the past one pieces were known for their modesty and coverage, but newer styles are more provacative and fun. In reality one pieces are much more flattering than two pieces on most people and now they're all over stores for the summer 2007 season. They might not be very conducive to tanning, but I could just picture myself sailing away on a yacht or sipping virgin pina coladas on the beach in one of these hot little numbers!

xoxo, Lauren

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