Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dear Style Diary,

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(My favorite MyStyleDiary users: from left; sarahdanielle, honeybear, emmaleigh, cathy90, truefashionista)

Since my prom is tommorow i figured i probablyyyy won't have time to post anything. So i've been sitting here still caffienated off a dulche de leche latte & searching through style diaries. I picked a few of my favorite users and outfits. Let me just comment about how much I love this website! I love to look back on all my old outfits and see how much my style has changed. I take pictures pretty religiously every day unless my outfits looking a little bland. My boyfriend is so used to it by now when i ask him to snap a picture of my outfit before I go out, it's really pretty funny. This site is like an online street style library. There are users from all over the world with such great unique style. It's a major inspiration to any fashion lover to see soo many perspectives on style. If you're reading and have a style diary leave me a link & be sure to check mine out as well!
xoxo, lauren


*Lauren The It Girl* said...

Hey Lauren! I'm a style diary fanatic as well :)
here's my account:

*Lauren The It Girl* said...

ugh. didn't show the entire url. basically, my username is nothing_to_wear
- Lauren

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