Sunday, April 8, 2007

If you can't beat em.. Join em!

Kate Moss' highly awaited debut at british store TopShop is quickly approaching. I thought it was hillarious when I read that she signed on to do the collection because of how much the chain tries to imitate her style & sell it to their patrons. If you haven't seen the collection yet you have to check it out. From the looks of the collection it might be able to live up to the hype its been given by the media. Here's a few of my favorite looks..

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"At price points from $20 for a tank top to $200 for dresses, the Kate Moss collection is priced below Co-op price points, where dresses are often more than $200 and could cost as much as $700. Barneys has no intention to generally widen its range with lower prices at Co-op. "Sometimes you make an exception for something unique," Gilhart said. "This is the first time Kate has done anything, and we feel she is a part of our store. She was working with Corrine Day when Corrine shot our campaign in the early Nineties."Some things feel vintage-y and feminine, and others are edgier and cool," she added of the collection. "There are some romantic pieces and some rock 'n' roll pieces, too."Gilhart said key pieces include a white one-shoulder eyelet dress, a silver-studded jersey top, short shorts and a racer-back tank top."
-Women's Wear Daily

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