Thursday, May 3, 2007

The art of Faking It

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Yesterday while i was at work i noticed a brand new case of jewelry that was really cute! (I work at stein mart so usually it's pretty midddle aged women-ish).. Anyways, i checked it out and its a line from Kenneth Jay Lane. There were a bunch of coral/turquoise rings and rhinestone costume jewelry pieces. I especially love the strawberry crystal necklace which we have for around $58 (still a lot cheaper than on shopbop or net-a-porter!). When the night slowed up I started reading the autographed copies we have of his autobiography. He's a pretty fascinating guy; everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Jackie Onassis Kennedy to Paris Hilton has worn his jewelry. He is the one who popularized costume jewelry and recreates expensive looking pieces with less expensive crystal. His work is definitely my style; i love all the animal motifs, fruit necklaces, and bangles. His book is actually very well written and I think i'm going to buy it along with the strawberry necklace!

xoxo, lauren


alexgirl said...

I love Kenneth Jay Lane. I mean, his stuff is totally OTT, but it's just so much fun! The book sounds good too. Fashion icons & designers have the best stories.
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Cordie said...

i agree with alex totally.
check out my blog

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