Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Back to the Future

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I loved the futuristic clothing on Balenciaga's runway, but Futurism is a trend that is difficult to translate into the real world. Instead of the trendy American Apparel leggings which face it, don't look flattering on anyone, I decided to highlight the equally as cool and futuristic metallic silver or gold lamé bodysuit (@ American Apparel, $30). With a toned down bottom or top this is a great take on the trend. The bodysuit is pretty versatile; you could wear it lounging by the pool or out to a club looking like the next Misshapes girl! The look is very rock & roll rebellious yet fashion forward space age. One things for sure, fashion designers never seem to stop using their vision of the future as guidelines for runway inspiration!

xoxo, lauren

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1 comment :

That Student said...

That's so much more interesting than the leggings approach.