Monday, May 7, 2007

I Want Candy!

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Caution: this post could cause intense candy cravings!

I have always loved bright colorful clothing and it seems like now more than ever there are more hues seen in stores than ever imaginable. Some of my favorite items for summer are colored denim pants & shorts which brighten up any outfit. The great thing about candy colored clothing is that it's so versatile. You can either pair it with white or black to give your outfit a colorful pop or with other colorful pieces to intensify the color even more. Even people who love outfits in simple and classic colors need some color in their wardrobe.
This weekend is my dance company's recital and the show's theme is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I'm Violet Beauregarde so i get to chew gum the whole time and the whole show is based on songs from the movie or about candy and chocolate, it's really quite genius! On a side note, Anyone with a sweet tooth needs to check out Dylan's Candy Store in NYC, it's owned by Ralph Lauren's daughter and fully stocked with two stories of candy.
xoxo, lauren

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