Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's about Time!

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Lately i've been loving oversized watches, especially masculine looking ones! Nothing works better to make wrists and arms look tiny and delicate! It perfectly compliments an uber feminine outfit with its unexpected rugged and oversized quality. Although I dont usually wear watches I've been borrowing one of my dad's huge silver ones to try this look out for fun! My inner baller must be coming out because i'm especially drawn to the ones with huge circular faces surrounded by bling.. embarassing I know!
On a totally unrelated note I AM DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL! We had senior breakfast today and handed out senior superlatives.. I recieved Best Dressed which was the only one i cared about getting, everyone at my school knows how obsessed I am with fashion! I'm glad they can appreciate my unique style instead of thinking I'm crazy :)

xoxo, lauren (class of o7'!)


Model Citzen said...

I'M OBSESSED with oversized watches, i'm thinking about gettings a mens watch just because they're so them!

discothequechic said...

Thank you for your lovelyyy comment, it made me smile!

I am completely into big maculine watche at the moment, too. I worked out the one I really want is a calculator/tune combo, haha genius!

Its fat, black, bulky and perfect.

S xx

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