Wednesday, May 9, 2007

No Sweat!

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So, the end of the year is wrapping up and I've been bombared with final exams (I have a nasty AP Literature Test tommorow at the lovely hour of 8 in the morning). So I was inspired to create a comfy exam clothes post. Because even my enormous hatred for sweats will not let me sacrifice comfort on these dreaded exam days. It's impossible to maintain any level of comfiness when I'm wearing my favorite skinny jeans or high heels. Exam days are one of the rare times my peers see me in anything made of fleece or terrycloth in public. I managed to create the entire collage with only one reference to Juicy Couture.. be proud, be very proud. There are so many other cozy sweatpants or short options now that are halfway stylish as well. I love that you no longer have to forgo fashion to dress comfortably! Anyways.. good luck to everyone who has any exams this week or the next!

xoxo, lauren
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