Thursday, June 28, 2007

To stylemob or not to stylemob.. that is the question?

Okay, so I saw an ad for stylemob via Punky's blog. So of course, i sign up because i'm pretty much into all things fashion and street style. I really do adore the concept (similar to stylediary).. post your outfits and have people rate them. But, honestly since joining, my self esteem has dropped quite dramatically. I know that sounds ridiculous, but yours would too after you recieve tons of "try again" votes from stylish strangers on your beloved outfits. The site brings up a very important internal question: Do I, or Should I really care what other people think about my outfits as long as I like what I'm wearing? It seems on the site people despise what your wearing unless its all thrifted and looks like something out of the cobrasnake. Call me sensitive but my feelings have actually been hurt by a dumb website.
So the question remains.. to stylemob or not to stylemob?

xoxo, lauren


alexgirl said...

I am so self-conscious already, that would probably completely freak me out! Hmm... Sounds fun, but the more i read about it, the more it just sounds like it would give me a panic attack! hah! tough call, Petite Fashionista!
Oh, & i'm having a contest on my blog. hope you'll come check it out and maybe win a copy of my book!

Dilemma said...

It's so lame, but I feel the same way. Sensitive sisters unite! I've only submitted two things and I got 'try again' 3 times on one outfit, and 'ok' 6 times[which somehow is seems more threatening than try again]. I've seen perfectly AMAZING looks get try agains from people, so I guess it proves that it's not you or me, it's the people voting!
"It seems on the site people despise what your wearing unless its all thrifted and looks like something out of the cobrasnake."
That's just what I was thinking[even though I kind of like that style]. Is it ok if I add you ono there? My username is radiosonde.

Sasha said...

Hey there,

This is Sasha from StyleMob, I happened to see your post and wanted to let you know that we're going to add a "no votes--comments only please" option for posting pictures so you will have that option soon! We definitely don't want to give anyone a panic attack. <3

la petite fashionista said...

thank you sashsa! i appreciate the concern<3

Jennifer said...

somebody from stylemob left a comment on my blog, you can read it if you want but he or she said that they were looking at changing the voting pattern on the outfits, people on there are not very nice and are way to strick, my self esteem has gone down too, I feel like my outfits have been bashed, I don't think it can be a true voting process when everyone has a difference sense and view of style and stylemob just proves that we all see the world differently. I've decided not to add anymore new pictures but we'll see what there site looks like when they change it around so far mystylediary seems a lot more fair and resonable despite the lack of interaction on the web site.

punky said...

I felt the same way at first. But then i realized everyone has a different taste, Whats cool in one city is not in the next.
Sometime i like that people dont dig my outfit, because that just means i wont show up at a party dressed like them.
People interested in fashion are often sheep, So if im the black sheep its ok with me.

Anonymous said...

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