Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Trousers are no longer for middle-aged men!

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One of the upcoming trends that I'm loving are wide legged trousers.. such a refreshing contrast to constricting skinny jeans! The only bad part is they're tricky to wear. That's why i've created this lovely guide to know how to rock the wide leg trousers. Since they're wide and somewhat masculine you should pair them with something tighter or more femine for balance. The metallic accessories liven up a solid colored shirt and can make your outfit a little flashier.

xoxo, lauren


Robin said...

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Seraphine said...

The shoes are an inspiration! Great ideas!

LML said...

love those jeans - want them!

dianabobar said...

can't wait to try outfits with wide leg pants on:) still have to get used to them!

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