Friday, July 6, 2007

if chanel's rocking the headscarf.. does that make it okay?

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Okay so let me just admit to y'all now, my huge love for scarves, particularly headscarves. You know when yo take your silky scarves and wrap them around your head like you're a pirate slash biker chick. I've always admire nicole richie's ability to pull it off unlike any other person. I even tried wearing it poolside over spring break.. nonetheless i got a few weird looks ("why is she wearing her scarf like that?? does she think she's cool or something!")
When i saw all the models rocking head scarves in all their splendor at the Chanel resort show i questioned whether they have finally become accepted by fashion (and not just hipsters/nicole richie). What is your take on the headscarf? Cute or overkill?
xoxo, lauren


Fashionista Barbie said...

sweet site! im also from florida and in college right design/merchandising major. its so much fun! im going to add your blog to my site, if you dont mind!

alexgirl said...

I think you can totally rock it. as i was saying a few posts ago, it's better than the turban (in my mind, anyway).
If you dont' see my BACK TALK at your local bookstore, ask them to stock it!!! or it's also on Amazon.
Thanks La Petite Fashionista!!

Ana said...

i hope so.headscarves are my signature too. :-) adorable blog
im adding you to my links

Fashionista Barbie said...

I was born and raised in Wisconsin Rapids, practically the dead center of the state. Where is your family from??

LML said...

i love it! and i have a skull scarf so i probally really look like a pirate!

and i got my shoes for only $15 (it was buy one get one half off - so my friend and i split the sale) - it was origianlly $20

dianabobar said...

most def cute! You pull it off great! Thanks so much for the sweet comment. I appreciate it a lot! Believe me.
Hugs and kisses to you.
Go rock that scarf some more and take pictures!

Ellen SB said...

i REALLY think that headbands are ok, it is a great way to make a bad hairday to a chic hair day.

Princess Poochie said...

Great site! I'm from Florida too and went to FSU as well. From there I was back to Miami, then Ft. Lauderdale, then Orlando and now I'm in North Carolina.

Hope you like my blog too I'll add you as a link. Have fun with your fashion goals and fashions sense! It will do you good.

I'm at:

fashionistakay said...

I think if ur outfit isn't over the top or anything adding the scarf will pump up the volume. May be 2 much for other people. But they'll get over it .:D

Jennifer said...

I love the whole headscarf look!
you can really change it up so easily.

ambika said...

I've always worn scarves in more of a Jackie O (I wish!) kind of way given how frizzy my hair is. The pirate style? Eh, I think it'll pass. Head scarves themselves are a classic, tho.

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