Sunday, July 8, 2007

No Back Talk, Just Do It!

Everyone needs to go out and buy Back Talk, a teen novel by Alex Richards, a blogger friend and author! Read this excerpt from her site:

Goodbye small town hell . . . hello Big Apple!

Sixteen-year-old Gemma Winters couldn’t be more ecstatic—and terrified—about scoring a summer internship at one of the hippest daytime TV talk shows, Back Talk with Kate Morgan. To top it off, she’s staying in a palatial brownstone in Manhattan with celebutante Dana Cox (a virtual E! True Hollywood Story in the making) and world-weary millionheiress America Vanderbilt. Gemma’s corn-fed naiveté melts away as she gets a taste of designer clothes, underage clubbing . . . and a cute Jonathan Rhys Meyers look-a-like.

The glamour fades by nine a.m. when Gemma becomes slave labor for harried producers. Not even her borrowed Manolo Blahniks can shield her from an office romance turned ugly and backstabbing fellow interns. When someone is unfairly fired and a show is at risk, Gemma goes out of her way to prove this small-town girl is more than just a “photocopy bitch.”

Good luck with your book Alex!


The Stiletto Effect said...

hi :)
must be a cool and funny book :) I love this kind of books for summer readings :)

dianabobar said...

it most def sounds catchy:)

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