Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pajama Party!

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Okay, so let me make a teeny confession.. Although my love of fashion transcends into almost every aspect of my life (& wardrobe!) the one area which I'm lacking style is my pajamas and loungewear. As I'm going off to college in about a month (and living in a dorm so I can't just wear an oversized shirt to bed) I've had to stock up on some comfy and stylish pajamas. Now my pjs can reflect my fashion sense as well! Sweet Dreams!
xoxo, lauren

p.s. I just got my Harry Potter book last night at midnight so I don't think i'll be doing too much sleeping! Yes.. nerdy i know.


Jennifer said...

I love a good pair of bright comfy pjs!!

LML said...

i love the PJ Couture ones...fortunatley i have another year of wearing acne medicine bleached shirts and mismatched pj pants... but i guess i will have to start getting more "presentable ones" for college in a year!

i havent started harry yet (i bought it @ midnight too) but my friend just finished his!

dianabobar said...

:) I used to sleep in sweats and tracksuits at the dorm. pink sweats, I know, so not fashionable, and don't think I looked like britney spears and her mom wearing the same sweatpants back in the days. it's just what I feel really comfy in:)
but your pj's are so much more interesting. Also, i love sleeping in sexy underwear when I'm at my bf's.

alexgirl said...

you're so funny! But a very good idea to get stylish PJs. Just please tell me you didn't get any Victoria Secret PINK-across-the-butt sweatpants. I can't stand those.

So? How're you liking Harry Potter? I must confess to not having bought it... yet.

alluretone said...

now i wanna get myself some fashionable sleepware. i think i'll be doing that soon.

penelope said...

haha so true!!!
whn my time comes, dunno wht i'd do!!

Eli said...

whats funny is that youll more than likely end up wearing that big t shirt anyway

Miss EsTher said...

The ones from Free people are cute and they look comfortable!



miss fashion said...

i like the bestey johnson ones- she has such cute pajamas!

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