Thursday, July 12, 2007

Seeing Red

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So, I apologize for the lack of blog posts! My past few days have been spent lying on the couch watching reruns of the the hills, sex and the city, and audrey hepburn movies due to my recent wisdom teeth removal. As much as I love ice cream, i would be perfectly happy if i never had to eat it again.. okay that's definitely an exaggeration, I just am craving whole food! Anywho, this blog post was inspired by a recent experiment with red lipstick.. it's usually a territory i never venture into but it ended up looking sort of forties glamour.
Click on this handy little chart to find your perfect shade of red (unless your eyesight is just that good!)
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I'd also like to give a special thanks to College Fashion for giving me my first blogging award, I love your blog & you made my day!
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xoxo, lauren


LML said...

Awww! i hope u feel better soon! when i got my wisdom teeth taken out, i was swollen for a week (but i'm a redhead and apparently we're more senitive to things like that)
and i love love red lips! i usually only wear it for performances, but occasionally i wear it on a night out... i wish i could be like gwen stefani and wear it everyday - so cool!

the hills and AUDREY should make you feel better - good medicine :)

dianabobar said...

I love bold lip colors!!! And that red works on you very well! I guess it is important what you wear too, for not looking like a hooker. I'm just doing a post on bold pink lipstick:)
ps: I am watching re-runs of "Next Top Model" around the world, on youtube..:)

Anonymous said...

ouch! wisdom teeth out would be awful. fortunately i'm not wise enough to have them ;-)

i love the hills! though we only get it on cable here and i don't have it. thank you youtube.

oh, and i'm tagging you!
spill your guts with 8 different facts about YOU and then tag 8 other unsuspecting bloggers!
i just did it, fun fun!

kate said...

thanks so much for the comment! i love the ray bans..and your post about red lipstick!

coco said...

wow i love your blog design and this post is so cool

Jennifer said...

sienna wears such a good shade for her skin tone!

nicoleforever11 said...


yea i haven't really made any blogs yet cause im kinda busy lately but i love ur blog!

i love red lips :]

The Stiletto Effect said...

i love red lipstick, but unfortunately it doesn't look good on me :(

kate said...

thanks so much! yeah, thrifting is good for finding great vintage stuff.

Eli said...

I love red. I hate that I cant wear too much makeup right now because its so hot it melts off your face. Red lipstick is definitely beautifully classy.

Diana Coronado said...

Love red !!

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