Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'd love a page in The Fashionista Diaries

So, I've started Tivo-ing The Fashionista Diaries on Soapnet and I have to admit I'm a teeny bit obsessed with it now. It's a show about six fashion assistants working to gain a career in the cuthroat world of fashion. Watch it.. I promised you'll get sucked in haha.

At Flirt Cosmetics Tina and Janjay have an amazing mentor in Kathleen Pierce the v.p. of Communications. The toughest she gets is going through make-up bags and critiquing the lack of Flirt! in their collection. She loans out a sample dress for Tina to wear for a night on the town. The girls get to work a party for the premiere of a cosmetic line by Vanessa Manillo.

At Jane Magazine Rachel and Andrew work with editor in chief Brandon Holley to come up with story ideas and are challeneged to each write an editorial piece for the september issue. The fact that Jane entrusts so much responsibility to them is amazing! Both end up getting bylines in the would-be september issue.

At Seventh House PR, the boss Mandie Erickson, is right out of the Devil Wears Prada, immediately critiquing Queens intern Nicole for wearing juicy couture on the job. Bridget on the other hand seems made to work in the industry, taking a psychopath socialite's condescending remarks in stride and working double time when Nicole calls in sick the entire first week.

xoxo, lauren


Amy said...


dianabobar said...

too bad there isn't more on you tube...

Laura said...

love your blog, i just found it...and this show, oh my: i'm already addicted to it!

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