Friday, August 24, 2007

Whats up Doc?

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Ever since I saw Doc's on Lauren & Whitney in a spread of Teen Vogue I've been thinking about how the look just wouldn't translate in the real world. (I mean combat boots are soo nineties! I can't help but think of grunge bands and Skye from Clueless pre-makeover.) Then, when I was browsing through Elle's Street Style section I noticed a whole lot of stylish New Yorkers sporting their own combat boots. I'm not entirely sure what I think about this look.. I don't know if its been long enough that these boots are fashionable again. I can't imagine they'd be very flattering (or comfortable) on anyone.

If you want to give the ol' combat boots a run for their money I'd suggest pairing them with something ultra feminine like a poufy dress to keep them from making the outfit too rough and masculine. What does everyone think about them?

xoxo, lauren

P.S. Everyone make sure to enter the Jansport Back to School contest..

Today is the last day to enter and the winners will be announced tommorow!


penelope said...

the harujuku girls in tokyo, the lolitas are all into such boots and like u said, they always pair it with ultra poofy skirts!!

honestly, i think they truly belong and only belong to the workers in the heavy machinery industries.
owell. or maybe only princess mia look good in them!


dianabobar said...

it's a "I would never... for me. don't like them at all!

LML said...

hmm... some ppl can pull this off - but i think it would shorten me a lot

that is so cool that you work @ stein mart! i love going there because they really do have some great different finds. my grandmother has been working there for 15 years (her one day to get dicounts), my mom will be working there for almost a year now - so its pretty much a legacy - i wouldnt be suprised if i get a job there soon! haha

oh and i just got a dress there that im wearing to a party tomorrow - ill post it soon :)

muze1990 said...

I like the shoes on the girls shown on the pictures, but I would never wear them.

Jennifer said...

love doc martins they are such classic shoes, talk about a blast from the past!

Kat said...

Doc Martins can look really cool actually. i don't think i'd wear them myself but they certainly have great potential and these people can carry them off. Totally agreee about paring them with a really feminine dress.
x x x

lalaliu said...

Oh I wish I could pull off the look because the girls in the pictures look so cool. Curse me and my short legs!

Love the blog btw :)

Shopaholic D said...

wow - I haven't see dr. martens in a looooong time. i agree, though, they look great on the girls in the photos. are you going to get some?

:) D

nic said...

I'm loving the boots! so comfy and cool. great pick, i like the constrast with the girly dresses and then combat boots. i'm all about irony ;)

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