Friday, September 28, 2007

to Ebay or not to Ebay? I guess i'll find out!

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What do you guys think of the dress? I've never bought anything from EBAY before so i hope it all goes okay!

xoxo, lauren

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Le Artiste

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There's this art major in one of my classes, and i love her style! She goes for such a minimalist look with her clothes sporting a staple skinny jeans/patterned hoody/black top and pairs it with these amazing accessories. I'd love to borrow a bit of her style and learn how to de-complicate my outfits so the focus is on the accessories. She looks so stylish with her oversized art supply bag, chic glasses & cute outfits. I looove that ring from Mars Valentine, in english it says "I love you more and more every day," romantic hm? I also love the idea of carrying around a sketchbook, even though i'm not super artistic, whenever the mood strikes me it would be nice to have around!

xoxo, lauren

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Taking a Style Tip from Lumberjacks

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As much as I used to cringe when I saw Ashley Olsen in her plaid lumberjack shirts, they've really grown on me. The way she pairs them with skinny jeans or cuffed denim and heels keeps them from looking too grungy or country. Her love of plaid shirts has even trascended into MK&A's new clothing line Elizabeth & James and I must say it's awfully cute (although I wouldn't pay $225 for it). I just picked up a blue/green/white plaid shirt as an addition to my fall wardrobe, slightly baggy a la ashley olsen. I've been seeing a lot more people wearing them lately and I think plaid shirts are going to be big this fall!

xoxo, lauren

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Flower Power

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One huge element of Luella's show at London Fashion Week was the florals that she sent down the runway. I think florals have a very vintage feel to them, and as long as the piece is on the short side, and not too frilly it will keep you looking more Betsey Johnson than Laura Ashley. I think the way she paired it with a cropped cardigan is a really cute updated look as well.
On a totally random note.. tonight was my second week of Fashion Inc., the Fashion club at my school. We all brought in clothes and had a clothes swap, whatever didn't get taken was given to charity. It was really fun, and I ended up with a cute pucci-esque mini, and black audrey hepburn looking shortsleeved turtleneck, A great community service idea for a club or even with friends.
xoxo, lauren

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"I'm more influential than Anna Wintour"

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Uber celebrity stylist to the masses, Rachel Zoe made an incredibly bold claim last week to the New York Times Magzine. Zoe, who was responsible for dressing starlets like Nicole Richie (until their falling out), Mischa Barton, and Lindsey Lohan is often blamed for the onset of tan, skinny startlets in boho chic. I can't believe she would say something so preposterous. Yes, she helps labels by giving them business but, she's responsible for turning people into fashion clones.
Anna.. you are far more influential than Rachel Zoe will ever be.
xoxo, lauren

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

the Clothes Speak for Themselves

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I was highly anticipating the Marc Jacobs show since Fashion Week started but I have to admit I was really disappointed with it. Maybe I don't get it, maybe I'm not open minded enough? I didn't think much of anything that went down the runway was aesthetically beautiful or wearable. Creative? Yes. I know runway designs aren't meant to be taken literally but I think Marc's show took things a bit far. I don't know if I'm the only one who feels this way. I know it's kind of like a fashionista sin to say something bad about Marc Jacobs, I love him.. but i don't love the collection!

What do you think of the Marc Jacobs S/S 2008 Collection?

xoxo, lauren

Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm IN!

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I applied to Teen Vogue Fashion U over the summer and I've been anxiously awaiting my acceptance/denial email! This Friday I saw the message i've been waiting for and I got in! So, i quicklyyyyy tried to pick out the classes I wanted. I decided to go more for designers than brand name seminars because I figured the opportunity to speak to designers or even just hear them talk about their experiences is once in a lifetime. I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT! I've already got my hotel & plane booked for October.

Here's a quick summary of each of the events:

Rebecca Taylor: Talking Fashion
Graduate design school one day, get your own line the next-well, nothing is that easy. Rebecca Taylor will tell you how she got her foot in the door of the fashion industry and navigated getting into the top specialty boutiques nationwide. Taylor will also reveal how she keeps her soft, feminine designs fresh and fashion-forward, and offer inspiration to anyone who has their own unique design sensibility.

Winning Style: Doo.Ri Talks Fashion
The 2006 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund winner knows what it takes to stand out and excel in fashion. Doo.Ri Chung started her business in the basement of her parents' dry-cleaning store, and now her sophisticated and sleek designs are known worldwide. Doo.Ri will tell you how she got started, what inspires her designs, and how you can turn your passion into a profession.

Dooney & Bourke: Exclusive TEEN VOGUE Edit Floor Tour
Wonder what's in the fashion closet? Or what our editors' offices are really like? Dooney & Bourke and TEEN VOGUE will take you on an editor-guided tour to see where it all happens. Experience the latest fashions, shoes, and accessories that TEEN VOGUE will feature in upcoming months, and you just might get a sneak peak at a future issue. Plus, you will be the first to see Dooney & Bourke's latest celebrity ad campaign, unveiling to the public this holiday season.

Cynthia Rowley: A Fun, Fashionable Life
If one word described designer Cynthia Rowley, it would be "multi-tasker." Inspired by everything from colorful candy to art to vintage finds, Cynthia Rowley's signature looks are flirty, yet sophisticated, and above all, fun. Cynthia will bring her charisma and energy to the classroom, giving you fabulous advice on how to live a fun, fashionable life. You'll learn how Cynthia Rowley expanded her popular fashion line to create books and products that help style-savvy women and men (and kids!) live the good life.

Fashioning Your Career with Tim Gunn
Join former Parson's fashion chairman, and Project Runway notable Tim Gunn for a lively discussion on fashion education, the latest trends in the fashion industry, and the many available career paths. Bring your questions: the seminar will also include a post-talk Q&A discussion.

Tiffany & Co.: A Night of Style
Tiffany & Co. and TEEN VOGUE invite you to an unforgettable evening of film and fashion in New York's famed Tribeca neighborhood. Join us at Tribeca Cinemas for a chic "mock"tail reception featuring Tiffany blue specialty drinks and a menu inspired by the parties held at Fashion Week. Stay for our exclusive screening of Seamless, a behind-the-scenes look at the intensely competitive world of the fashion industry. The film follows ten fashion-design hopefuls as they vie for the top prize created by VOGUE magazine and the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and features many of your favorite designers and VOGUE's Anna Wintour.

Yeah.. So I am definitely going to need to do some shopping!

xoxo, lauren

Friday, September 7, 2007

In-jean-ius Idea!

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The night before his show I read Wang's designer diary on and saw how he decided to cut the boyfriend jeans he had designed into shorts. In the picture they look okay, still need work. Designers seem to work so well under pressure! Once I saw them all distressed on the model at his runway show I feel in love with them! What a perfect casual chic combination. It makes me want to borrow a pair of my boyfriend's pants, cut them off, and take a cheese grater to them haha. I don't wear jeans very often but this is so easy to wear, and a nice contrast to cutoff bottom exposing shorts that most of the girls in my college are wearing right now!

oh, how i love fashion week!

xoxo, lauren

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Love Angel Music Baby

So, now that pictures from fashion week have begun being posted I'm finding myself busily pouring through all the shows and saving my favorite picks from each designer. As i was looking over my folder today I noticed I had a ton of favorite's from Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. collection. After her 2 year hiatus from designing it's nice to see her back! The collection is overall very wearable, trendy, and stylish! I think i'm so drawn to is because it's very "me". I even just purchased some black nylon knee socks like she had so many models wearing in the show.

I promise I won't fill up my blog with runway posts because as a fellow fashionista i know that can get a little old, but every so often when a collection strikes me or I see a trend emerging i'll post about it.

What is everyone's favorite collection so far?

xoxo, lauren

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wastin' away again in Betseyville

Twice today I was standing in line around campus & girls in front of me had huge, adorable bags, and both times they were Betsey Johnson. (I complimented both of course as well.. I always comment when I see someone wearing something cute!). So, i've been procrastinating from my Latin American Civ reading and dreaming about Betsey bags. I wish there was a gift giving event coming up, Christmas and my birthday are far away.. because I really love that black bag in the right bottom corner!

On a side note.. I went to a meeting for a fashion club at my college last night. I'm psyched.. next week they're doing a clothing swap and they do all these fun events like a huge end of the year fashion show and bangle making socials and fashion field trips haha. It's so nice to be surrounded by people who love fashion as much as I do!
xoxo, lauren
P.S. Is anyone else excited for the start of Fashion Week! Great.. one more thing to distract me!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Boys DO make passes at girls who wear glasses

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When I found out I needed glasses in 6th grade I was devastated. I was not about to start my middle school career wearing a pair of dorky glasses. So, I sat in the desks at the front of the room so I could squint and read the chalkboard without my glasses and got contacts as soon as I was old enough.

Now, as a freshman in college I love wearing my glasses! It's crazy how different people act towards you when you're wearing them. I instantly feel a sense of confidence when I put them on, and the way people perceive me is entirely different. As dorky as it sounds, I feel intelletual with glasses on, and like I'm not hiding my imperfect vision behind a pair of contacts. At Urban Outfitters they're selling non perscription glasses that give even those without vision problems a chance to rock some glasses!

xoxo, lauren

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