Sunday, September 2, 2007

Boys DO make passes at girls who wear glasses

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When I found out I needed glasses in 6th grade I was devastated. I was not about to start my middle school career wearing a pair of dorky glasses. So, I sat in the desks at the front of the room so I could squint and read the chalkboard without my glasses and got contacts as soon as I was old enough.

Now, as a freshman in college I love wearing my glasses! It's crazy how different people act towards you when you're wearing them. I instantly feel a sense of confidence when I put them on, and the way people perceive me is entirely different. As dorky as it sounds, I feel intelletual with glasses on, and like I'm not hiding my imperfect vision behind a pair of contacts. At Urban Outfitters they're selling non perscription glasses that give even those without vision problems a chance to rock some glasses!

xoxo, lauren


Lauren Haden said...

I feel the same way! I've been wearing glasses since seventh grade and have always felt very stylish in them. I recently bought a new pair of men's style glasses from Ralph Lauren Polo and they work just as well as women's glasses. And I have been seeing more people with those ones from UO, actually!

ANGIE said...

I dont have a glasses, but sometimes they are very stylish!


Ana said...

i sort of want to need glasses. :-)
maybe ill pick up those u.o ones.

penelope said...

haha!! my friends always make a stab at me whenever i wore my glasses!!
lol! apparently i look v much lyk a lecturer or smt=p

i wna ged the uo type of glasses but i doubt i can pull it off):

WendyB said...

A doctor suggested I get reading glasses but I am fighting it because it makes me feel WAY too old! :-)

LML said...

i dont need them - but i would LOVE to have some vintage men's ones from the 60's!
oh! and i got my backpack in the mail last week - LOVE IT! i made a post about it - and ive already used it this weekend!

...also, i was tagged as rockin girl blogger and was supposed to pass it on to 5 more ppl - i was going to tag you, but saw your awesome blog already had been tagged!

Aisha said...

I wear glasses for reading. They have a black&green frame. They're cool. I feel smarter with glasses on too 8-)


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