Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Flower Power

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One huge element of Luella's show at London Fashion Week was the florals that she sent down the runway. I think florals have a very vintage feel to them, and as long as the piece is on the short side, and not too frilly it will keep you looking more Betsey Johnson than Laura Ashley. I think the way she paired it with a cropped cardigan is a really cute updated look as well.
On a totally random note.. tonight was my second week of Fashion Inc., the Fashion club at my school. We all brought in clothes and had a clothes swap, whatever didn't get taken was given to charity. It was really fun, and I ended up with a cute pucci-esque mini, and black audrey hepburn looking shortsleeved turtleneck, A great community service idea for a club or even with friends.
xoxo, lauren


Ana said...

i love this look. i might have to pick up that f21 dress.

SKYLA said...

love the Luella look!
You look really nice in that outfit too, and i've heard of that before-doing clothes swaps with friends, but never got round to it!
College sounds so fun...

Holly ♥ said...

I LOVE your vintage dress! It's beautiful on you!

j'adore the blog!

x x x x x

Kat said...

Luella is my favourite designer and I love the pieces you chose. You look fab in the picture too:-)

Kori said...

You're so lucky your school has a fashion club! I want to do a swap too! I used to do that at camp when I was little, and it was so fun.

On a side note, I love Luella's newest collection. And your dress.

LML said...

i loved the luella show! some batman influences, no?
and i love that idea for a clothes swap - that would be a REALLY fun party...hmmmm... thanks for the idea!

Lizy said...

Your Vintage dress looks gorgeous.Nice blog..keep going.

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