Sunday, September 16, 2007

"I'm more influential than Anna Wintour"

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Uber celebrity stylist to the masses, Rachel Zoe made an incredibly bold claim last week to the New York Times Magzine. Zoe, who was responsible for dressing starlets like Nicole Richie (until their falling out), Mischa Barton, and Lindsey Lohan is often blamed for the onset of tan, skinny startlets in boho chic. I can't believe she would say something so preposterous. Yes, she helps labels by giving them business but, she's responsible for turning people into fashion clones.
Anna.. you are far more influential than Rachel Zoe will ever be.
xoxo, lauren


Skyla said...

One of the things I find most annoying in people's personality, is when they're big-headed. where does Rachel Zoe get off talking like that? is she her own personal publicist now? Agh.

Shopaholic D said...

Wow - I've seen some fab outfits from Rachel Zoe, but I'm surprised she would outright say that!

:) D

Diana Coronado said...

Ohh my !! The historical Anna Wintour

Mustafa ┼×enalp said...

Your blog is very nice:)

alexgirl said...

Okay, well, I definitely agree that Rachel Zoe ain't got nothin' on Anna Wintour, but she does have a point. When you see Mischa or whoever wearing the cute new X, you start searching the stores and internet to have one of your own... but I'd say the same goes for flipping through the inspirational pages of Vogue, too. So nevermind!

LML said...

cat fight - but im kinda on both sides - i'm very inspired by celebs but i also love my magazines!

oh and a girl i know who graduated last year from my school is going to fashion U!

have fun watching my fair lady :)

Dilemma said...

Actually, I think the Zoebot is right. Many girls don't read Vogue or at least they don't really get into reading about the designers or the clothes in photoshoots in such, but hear about such and such hot celeb wearing a designer's clothes and suddenly it becomes their favorite designer evar lyke zomg!!!

BTW did she say the quote in her headline? I hope not. The Wintour will probably crush the Zoebot into tiny little pieces with ONE stomp of her Manolos.

WendyB said...

I wasn't as scandalized as everyone else by what Rachel said. She could have worded it a little more delicately, but I don't think she's necessarily wrong. A front page pic on US Magazine CAN probably sell more than an obscure editorial in Vogue. As I've found, just because you're in a magazine, you don't necessarily get sales. From a celebrity, yes, you do get sales, because it's on a "real person" and people can say, "Yeah, that would look good on me too" rather than some esoteric shot in Vogue they can't relate too. BTW, I love those esoteric shots in any magazine. But you won't necessarily get a single sale from that kind of thing.

Ana said...

i cant believe rachel zoe had the nerve!

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