Friday, September 7, 2007

In-jean-ius Idea!

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The night before his show I read Wang's designer diary on and saw how he decided to cut the boyfriend jeans he had designed into shorts. In the picture they look okay, still need work. Designers seem to work so well under pressure! Once I saw them all distressed on the model at his runway show I feel in love with them! What a perfect casual chic combination. It makes me want to borrow a pair of my boyfriend's pants, cut them off, and take a cheese grater to them haha. I don't wear jeans very often but this is so easy to wear, and a nice contrast to cutoff bottom exposing shorts that most of the girls in my college are wearing right now!

oh, how i love fashion week!

xoxo, lauren


Ana said...

oh i love them. they're so effortlessly slouchy cool.

penelope said...

yupp i love love this kinda pants!!

riz said...

alexander wang is a fashion visionary - love his stuff - incidentally i was at fashion week. it was amazing!! the tents, all of it...I saw so many people.

LML said...

love them! i made some cutoffs this summer out of some old fitted jeans - but im loving that baggy pair!
fashion week is kinda like christmas, isnt it?

coco said...

ooooo they are so wearable
great find

SKYLA said...

They are really cool! Like ana said, 'effortless' I love that.
I have a new blog by the way, it's kind of weird but hopefully a bit wonderful too :D its
yeah, A Life in Receipts!

emsie said...

wow, i loved these shorts. didn't realise that they were boyfriend jeans before!


Angelina said...

really great!!


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