Sunday, October 7, 2007

Chanel goes Gangsta

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So, I was browsing through the shows from Paris Fashion Week and I saw these amazing/ridiculous cardigans at the Chanel show. Kudos to Chanel for embracing hip hop culture. Even though a male model is sporting the cardigan, I think a girl could definitely sport the look; Achievable with a navy cardigan, dollar sign necklace.Although I don't think the look really went with the rest of the show the outfit is simple and a bit witty. I could definitely see Forever 21 copying this sweater.. Stay Gangsta Karl Lagerfield <3

xoxo, lauren


The Sewing Bunny said...

i was sooo tempted to buy that cardigan from aa today. i'm sure it would look great with that necklace!

Flashy_Shades said...

speaking of chanel, can we talk about their ankle purses?

Dilemma said...

I have this HUGE sparkly dollar sign necklace from last Halloween and I've debated sporting it on numerous occasions. This makes me feel like it might be ok. And I have that cardigan in black and it's so comfy!

Ana said...

i love the aa cardi. HATE the chanel one. what was lagerfeld thinking?

LML said...

i def think karl was using lindsay as an inspiration for this collection - the ankle purses/alcohol monitoring device cases? lol
i do love that aa cardigan tho!
cute post :)

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