Thursday, October 25, 2007

Made in America

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In my Social Problems class we've been learning all about the downfall of American manufacturers because they just can't compete with the foreign import prices. (American Workers average wage is 14.83 an hour, while in China the average wage is the equivalent of 68 cents an hour, thus it's a lot cheaper to have workers in foreign countries make products). As much as I love my bargains at Forever 21, Target, etc. our lecture has really got me thinking about where the clothing I buy is manufactured. It's important to buy American made products to support the struggling companies trying to compete in an unfair market.

American Apparel has taken this all into account and created a purely American made, sweatshop free label. Although I don't necessarily always feel like paying almost 20 dollars for a plain t-shirt, I know fully understand where my money is going and who it is supporting. I don't expect myself or anyone to buy purely American made products (that's nearly impossible in today's society), but I definitely would like to start paying more attention to where my clothing is manufactured as it will have a great affect on the quality and treatment of laborers.

xoxo, lauren


Ana said...

great point. i suppose i should be more conscious about my clothing but im not sure my mom will be thrilled outfiting me in solely Juicy and AA. haha



LML said...

yeah! i watched a video in Economics the other day about walmart and how its bad for the US. walmart only lets ppl sell things there that are manufactured in China (in which the workers are paid only $100 a month). im glad u posted about this, it def makes me a little more concious when buying things!

oh and i love that JC dress below - its lovely!

Kori said...

I think I saw you at Teen Vogue Fashion U! I saw a girl in that Rebecca Taylor dress you posted about, and I thought she might be you, but I couldn't get close enough to ask. Did you wear that dress on Saturday?

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