Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Socialite mixed with Army Brat

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As I was flipping though my CosmoGirl magazine (yes, i still get it, I'm not quite sure why my mom still renews the subscription haha?) I saw this great editorial of sort of an updated bohemian chic.

My favorite shot is this one of the party dress with an olive military anorak over it, paired with a mess of bangles. I think it's a very chic way to wear a fancy dress during the daytime and not look totally overdressed. This look is best with a longer jacket opposed to crop so it looks better with a dress. Also, you can't see in the picture but the dress/jacket are paired with this great pair of plum tights to add some more jewel tones in the mix.. so cute! This is something I could easily pull together from my closet and I plan on doing it immediately!

xoxo, lauren


lisa said...

Oh! The military anorak! I must go to my parents' attic and claim my dad's vintage specimen!
And don't feel bad about still getting Teen Vogue. I'm 28, and I subscribe, so you have many good, guilt-free years left. :)

penelope said...

wow it's fab!! haha! do a post of u wearing it yer?! haha!
anyhow love yr prev post! haf always been wanting to get THE perfect LBD after watching the show!!!!


coco said...

i love the one from cosmo girl
its very cute

Dilemma said...

Ok, thank you for making realize how much I need another military jacket in my life!!! I really need to go shopping.

LML said...

love this combo - genius!

Ana said...

oh great look/idea

daddylikeyblog said...

LOVE this look!

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