Monday, November 5, 2007

Buy Handmade!

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I Took The Handmade Pledge!

My mom has gotten me pretty addicted to Etsy and i've been looking at everyone's stores and finding some really unique pieces. I've already asked for an audrey hepburn screen printed laptop case (thanks mom!) I ran across the Buy Handmade pledge on Punky's blog. I love to support independent designers and crafters and etsy is a great way to find all those goodies in one spot. I've highlighted a few of my favorites, and I will continue to through the holiday season. Buying handmade is a great way to shop; everything you buy will be unique, support the indie artists, and is usually less expensive!

If anyone else has an etsy site of their own, or a favorite make sure to leave it!

xoxo, lauren


punky said...

I saw that laptop case cute.

Flashy_Shades said...

etsy rules. the stuff there always impresses me!

ps - i thought it was a cool picture too. thanks for the comment

Jackie said...

I love etsy :) I'm currently in love with this one Alice in Wonderland necklace made by Hoolala.

Black and white is usually very boring, but the dramatic geometric designs and ruffles just make me love it all :)

Cris Lazoru said...

Those Audrey flats are to die for!


WendyB said...

Very cool shoes! I don't wear flats, but if I did...
Someone needs to do a towering wedge heel with a portrait of Carmen Miranda on it for me.

penelope said...

wow love love the audrey flats!! and the "oui" necklace is just so cute!! haha!

anyhow thanks for d comment! lol!! u shd deff go snap some pics of the ppl in college!!
u're deff gna be addicted!! haha!

ambika said...

I've got so many favorites, it's hard to pick one. & it looks like you've already discovered Sunny Rising, who's definitely up there.

Abigail Percy has amazing jewelry. Her earrings are definitely tempting me these days.

Anonymous said...

yay! way to go....check out !

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