Thursday, November 8, 2007

Channel your Inner Doll

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Ever since I saw the short film "Dollhouse" produced by Erin Fetherston and Heidi Ferjani @ Fashion U i've had girly, innocent clothes on the mind! The video's below, you have to see it.. it's kind of creepy but enchanting. The film features clothing from Fetherston's upcoming Go International Line. I had a dollhouse when I was little and I remember spending hours upstairs in my gramma's house playing with it and dressing the dolls up in cute outfits. Now that it's finally getting cold here I've been pairing my summery dresses with black tights & heels which seem to give the look of a real life doll. To get the "doll" look, go for feminine styles in soft fabrics, paired with big bows and rosy pink cheeks.

xoxo, Lauren


Aisha said...

First to comment =) yay.
Uh yes, the dollhouse, so many memories playing our hours dressing barbie up (:

I love rosy pink cheeks and big bows.
mwah ♥

LML said...

omg i cannot wait for this collection to hit the stores! and i really liked that video clip - very romantic and feminine! i posted her old video (the one with kirsten dunst) a while back with her clothes from a previous collection - very cool

raesa said...

i loved the music in the video, it was freakin' amazing, and the transitions between songs fit the actions smoother than i could have ever hoped. and the fashion made me gaga, even though i thought the red dress was a bit short

audrey said...

when is the line coming out for target??

alexgirl said...

Hey fashionista! Great post. I love that blue Rory Beca dress. I was just looking at it at ShopBop earlier today, actually!! Loved the video, too!
Hope you're having a good Fall.

WendyB said...

Have you seen the Doll's Realm blog? There's a link to it on mine.

Cris Lazoru said...

Oh I love those shoes


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