Thursday, November 15, 2007

Make it Work:Project Runway season 4

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Top: Christian, Elisa, Jack, Jillian, Chris

Middle: Carmen, Kevin, Sweet P, Marion, Kit

Bottom: Rami, Simone, Steven, Victorya, Ricky

(Photo courtesy of Blogging Project Runway)

So, Last night was the premiere episode of Project Runway that we've all anxiously waited a year for! I just thought i'd share my thoughts and ask you to do as well..

Are the contestants overqualified? I thought the experience of the designers on the show definitely exceeds any of the past seasons. It seems the judges have raised the bar for the contestants. As most of them own their own labels/stores, work for a major design firm, or graduated from a prestigious design school. It seems the show is no longer interested in finding raw, unpolished talent but, instead further devleoping the careers of somewhat accomplished designer. It's a step in a totally different direction but I guess it brings a new level of design to the show that should make things really interesting.

Warning: Spoiler!

My personal favorite dress was Victorya's modern take on the little black dress with the metallic silver rosebud. I was positive that Elisa's unfinished, tacky dress with a 6ft long train would surely be auf'd.. so I was fairly schocked when it was Simone's simple dress in fresh colors. I thought the winner, Rami's dress was interesting, but overall not very flattering.

I'd love to hear everyone else's take on the new season!

xoxo, lauren


Diana @ So Fash'on said...

can't wait to see the episode!

LML said...

i agree - i was kinda shocked when most of them had their own labels and stuff. and i hated that they kept the weird girl with the hideous train! i liked the colors on the other dress too :)
wonder how this season will pan out...

Holly ♥ said...

Wow, I'm impressed. Unfortunately I need to wait probably 'til next year to get it (we're only halfway through season 3 right now!).
Those dresses look of a higher standard than before.

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