Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"What do you See in This Picture?"

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Lately ink blot prints have been popping up everywhere from the runway (Proenza Schouler) to housewares (rugs, coasters,etc.). The designs are based off of Rorsach's famous psychological ink blot tests. It's an interesting, modern looking take on traditional black and white. I think it's the "new" flocked print. It looks great with a splash of color for an updated look. I'd suggest wearing a plain ink blot print with something bright on the bottom like colored skinny jeans. I'm really wishing i had an apartment I could furnish with the ink blot housewares and decorative accents. If you're curious about the infamous ink blot test give it a go, it's pretty in depth, but may be for more mature readers.

xoxo, lauren


The Clothes Horse said...

style and a psyche exam in one purchase. genius.

LML said...

neat! ink blots would be fun to make!

Holly ♥ said...

gorge Rachel Pally!

Ana said...

cool look
you're brilliant at finding little trends! haha

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