Monday, December 10, 2007

Santa's Little Helper

Your significant other can't get the hint about what you want for Christmas? Net-A-Porter has made it easy with their Santa's Helper application! Just by filling in a short form your "santa" will recieve a personalized message informing them of exactly what you'd love to recieve for christmas! They've even added the option of attatching your wishlist. It's amazing what technology can do these days! :) No more unwanted socks or ill-fitting dresses for presents this year!

xoxo, Lauren
p.s. if you've noticed a lack in posting this week it's because i'm busy studying for finals! (yikes.. wish me luck!)


coco said...

oooo that is a really good idea

Aisha said...

Good like with your finals, I bet you'll do great

Ana said...

thats a smart idea

Good luck!!!

Miss Trend said...

I love your blog!
And good luck on finals :)

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