Saturday, December 1, 2007

So many Parties.. so Little Time

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Everyone knows the holidays are an excuse to get dressed up and socialize with family and friends. Buying new outfits for every occasion can get pricy very quickly, thus the Little Black Dress. Black goes with everything, is slimming, and timeless. I decided it's okay to splurge a bit on the dress if you can get a lot of wear out of it.

Try buying a little black dress (LBD as we fashionistas like to call it) in a simple minimalistic design. By buying inexpensive accessories you can style the look in a completely different way to get more wear out of it. I like tucking it into pants for a blousy look with casual/trendy buffalo plaid hat, paired with argyle knee socks and complementary knit cardigan, as well as some sequins and faux bling for a flashy new year's eve look. I'm all about reinventing outfits and a LBD is a great piece with a lot of uses.

xoxo, lauren


Ana said...

i like the carrie bradshaw argyle idea. and btw the menswear steal from your bf post below was too cute.

LML said...

aweome! i love all your combos!.. oh how i love the holidays :)

lauren said...

Hi I love your blog and I was jut wondering how you got your background and what photoshop you use? Your blog is so cute/stylish! my email is:

fritha louise said...

That "diamond" necklace is so cute! I might buy one for a friend for christmas.
Oh, and in response to your comment on my blog (sorry it's taken me so long to reply), my sequin dress isn't itchy or annoying or anything, but the hem did end up destroying pulling my tights quite a bit. (But I don't suppose that would happen if you didnt have a hem where the sequins were turned under and on the inside, if that makes any sense.)

Cris Lazoru said...

Those socks are divine, loved all your ideas


atelier said...

I like the socks

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