Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blind Fashion Item

As Issac Mizrahi ends his partnership with Target, what designer will be joining the retail giant for their second design spot; this time coming out with a line of novelty items like swimming pools?
  • Hint: her previous line was named Swell


Secretista said...


OMG NOOO! The designs are so lovely and so affordable.

kiwigirl said...

eeek! is it tracy reese?????? because i love her!! i hope it's tracy reese!!!!!

LML said...

cynthia rowley! not that i frequently check target's fashion news page often lol
im soo excited - i have her bedspread and some pillows from her swell line

la petite fashionista said...

Modern Marie;
you are so on top of your fashion haha. I love cynthia rowley! she actually mentioned something along these lines when I saw her at Fashion U! how exciting:)

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