Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Week of Style


I got a comment from Oh La Luxe about posting some of my personal outfits because I told her how her boutique's audience seemed very similar to my own personal style. So, I've decided to do so! This is a small display of outfits over the past week.I'm wearing darker colors than I usually do, probably because of the dreary weather we've had lately. But overall this is probably a good representation of my style which consists of:

  • Inspiration from books (I was reading Rachel Zoe's guide to style, thus the gray fur coat)
  • Inspiration from brands (pink floral top & pants= betsey johnson)
  • Inspiration from tv shows/movies (argyle vest a la gossip girls)
  • Usually some sort of statement piece accessory unless my outfit is already really bold
  • Lots of prints & splashes of color
  • Vintage pieces (black slouchy boots, black pencil skirt, and layered silver chains)
  • Layering; since I have a pretty big collection of clothes I like to layer pieces to make them more interesting or for extra warmth in the winter

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my closet & personal style! I try and make this blog not all about me, but sometimes it's fun to see the look behind the blog!

xoxo, lauren


Lola Eliza. said...

oh wow, i just found you and pretty
much just read your whole archives. i
realllllly like your jacket in the
2nd picture!x

Anonymous said...

I'm loving your style! We have similar taste. My favorite outfit is the one with the vest, top row.

Lama Drama said...

love this style - very me. great blog!

Secretista said...

LOVE the outfits!

LML said...

i love all those outfits and how you really incorporate your inspirations into them! love it! i cant wait until next year when i dont have a uniform :D

hannah said...

i love the third and sixth ones! my goodness, you have style. the pants in the sixth are marvelous, are you wearing heels with them? they look great.


Ana said...

very cute. you defenitly pull off the wide leg jeans nicely.

Ana said...

very cute. you defenitly pull off the wide leg jeans nicely.

ambika said...

I like the vest & wide leg dark jeans combo. Very sophisticated.

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