Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"You don't understand! This is an Alaia!"

For the last couple seasons the silhouette of choice has been floaty and loose-fitting shift styles. Since fashion seems to work in extremes it seems only appropriate that there is a new shift towards tighter, body conscious outfits. The style, popularized by major designers like Alaia in the 1990's is a poplar opposite from the loose tunics and babydoll dresses we've pumped into our wardrobe. Slowly but surely bandage dresses and stretchy spandex fabrics have been sneaking their way onto red carpets and into retail stores.

So what's a girl to do to adjust her clothes to a new snugger style?
Instead of going out to revamp your wardrobe try adjusting clothing pieces you already own:
  • -use belts to cinch a loose floaty top
  • -tuck shirts in to keep things smooth and snug
  • -balance out a tight body conscious piece with something loose and floaty or voluminous
  • -try wearing undergarments like Spanx to look lean and toned

xoxo, lauren


susie_bubble said...

I'm always hunting for vintage Alaia!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren - not sure if you knew that Sara Blakely (Spanx founder) is from Clearwater, and graduated from FSU ! xoxoxo -- me

Secretista said...

I don't know if I can do the body concious. I like my loose fits. Really just because they hide my imperfections. I'll attempt it though.

LML said...

i really am loving those bandage dresses im seeing pop up on celebs, etc! i like how those bangage dresses are kinda like spanks and a leotard, they look like would smooth everything out and tuck everything in!

penelope said...

they're gorgeous!! but def not for me!!! aww)): haha gta stink to floaty tops=p haha

enjoy yr rd trip!!!

Style Eyes said...

thanks- this is an ideal trend for petites. Some great ideas!

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