Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Fashion Week Musings: Part 1


So, i've been doing my best to keep up with Fashion Week and saving all the outfits that caught my attention. Proenza Schouler, Ruffian, Marc by Marc, and Sass and Bide are the shows that i've enjoyed the most so far. I think it's because each of the collections is an element of my style. Each of them seems to be inspired by pop culture, fashion icon, celebrity of the moment, and era.

  • Proenza Schouler : The Proenza boys showed a lot of cocktail dresses in jewel tones with tights in a complementary hue. All the pieces were so wearable; you could take them right off the runway to a dinner out with the girls. The pants sillhouette were Katharine Hepburn style, baggy and high waisted in vibrant colors. The boys even threw in some sequined pieces, so I guess that trend won't be disappearing any time soon.
  • Ruffian : This show seemed almost costume-ish, but uber-trendy with its school girl inspired looks with a rocker edge. I loved the coats and cardigans thrown over party dresses and the edgy blazers with ruffled blouses. There were some masculine accessories like ties paired with a slim pencil skirt.
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs: Ah, Marc Jacobs can do no wrong. This collection really suprised me though. I enjoyed its quirky touches like colored tweeds, graphic tees, and loud prints. I liked the dose of neon on a basic black garment; the looks really had an eighties vibe.
  • Sass & Bide: This celeb favorite had a collection that seemed very much inspired by .the very people that wear their clothes. Leggings as pants a la Miss Lohan were worn with several looks. Although, the collection is not for everyone I found it to be youthful and fun; very L.A. The gold sequined headwrap is adorable.

What collections are everyone's favorites so far?

xoxo, lauren

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(Thanks Dad!)


alexgirl said...

I liked the Proenza Schouler collection a lot. Great pieces. And MJ will always be one of my faves.
Great descriptions, Petite!

Aisha said...

I'm in love with marc by marc jacobs collection :). Uh and alex said, you came up with great descriptions

Ohmygod, you have a domain! that's so cool =) I'll add you to my links

Aisha said...

- as* alex said

LML said...

i love the comparisons! i only have really looked at a few shows so far - i need to catch up... cant wait to see what else is in store :D

runforthehills said...

I loved the Sass & Bide...! Think im a tad biased though being an Aussie... Thanks for commenting my page.. I've only really just started blogging but it's so easy to get sucked in! Would love to trade links...

Candice said...

love the sass and bide collection!

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