Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Controversial Crocheting


Counterfeit Crochet is a group of angry crocheters on a mission. Their goal is to rebel against the astronomical prices and outsourced labor of designer labels. The bags are clearly knockoffs and are a mix of admiration and making fun of designers. "As a collaboration it parallels the idea of "outsourcing" labor, but also adds a democratic and perhaps anarchic level of creativity--within the basic framework.." ( I think it's a pretty fascinating concept, yet technically illegal.

So, what do you think is this harmless rebellion or in as poor taste as the fake designer handbags on canal street?

I'm not really sure what i think, but i feel somewhat guilty saying that I think their really cute and i'd probably wear one? :/

xoxo, lauren


Molly :] said...

I love the chanel one.
:) x


omg these bags definitly put those canal street bags to waste. These are amazing!! and yes definitly illegal... but these are so amazing i would totally wear one- they look way more expensive and better than actual deisnger label bags!

K. said...

that is so cool!

Dilemma said...

Actually...I think the idea is rather tacky. Guess I'm the only one :x
They look nice though, I don't blame you for liking them!

Secretista said...


ChiliLady said...

These are cool!

susie_bubble said...

I actually quite like least they have a different craft slant!

lara said...

I think it's a pretty cool idea, but if I had the money I would buy the real ones , but I don't have the money so YAAYY!! :D

lara said...
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MizzJ said...

These bags are so cute and irreverent! Love the Chanel one. Though technically these are knock-offs, I wouldn't really think of them as counterfeit since usually a person buys a knock-off hoping to pass it off as the real deal but obviously these aren't. Interesting idea though.

Ana said...

I think they are quite ugly and tacky,but thats just me.

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