Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Unique Pairing


Ever since I saw this picture of Mary-Kate (correct me if i'm confusing the twins) Olsen bedazzling her vintage tee with layered bling its been on my mind! I have to admit as much as i love the comfort and worn-in feeling of a nice vintage tee I often times feel a little too casual and under-dressed. So, i absolutely love the idea of pairing it with a statement making necklace like the new Subversive for Target jewlery. Also, I stumbled upon this store that recreates tees once worn by infamous rockers, I liked this one Debbie Harry had on. Does anyone else think this is an interesting look?

xoxo, lauren


LML said...

oh i just love that girl! leave it to mary kate to come up with that! love the combo idea... i have lots of vintage tees i havent worn in a LOOONNNG time! i love this way of wearing them! thanks la petite fashionista :D - Street style & romance in Paris said...

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Rebel Chic said...

mary-kate & ashley olsen are awesome. i love what mary-kate wears :] thanks for posting


i love that look! the chunky jewelry over a vintage tee so love it!

hannah said...

i love this look aswell. she looks amazing.

it is mary kate. i always find it so wierd when people cant tell them apart, because i think they look so completely different. maybe because im a twin as well (but me and my twin are fraternal as well, so we look nothing alike). ok, i will stop ranting.

love your blog!

Secretista said...

I love the idea! I don't know if I could pull it off, but I'm most def. gunna try.

tckkid said...

absolutely! i love the way she looks too!

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