Saturday, March 8, 2008

Winter Blahs? Meet Summery Inspiration


street style pics courtesy of: UOL Estila & A New Muse

So far since I've been home I've been treated to lots of rain and wind.. not exactly beach weather! So while i'm waiting so shed my winter coat i offer these adorable sunny outfits. If you're stuck in yucky weather too, just imagaine yourself wearing one of these summery frocks.

xoxo, lauren


Secretista said...

Rain, rain go away.
Come again another day.

I went to the mall today, and the sight of Spring clothing made me sad.

I'm a Print Journalism major with a Chinese minor. But, my minor is going to change because although I didn't think Chinese would be a walk in the park, it's getting really difficult, and I'm never going to use it, and I can't afford to go to China with my school ($6,000 for a month), andd by the time I get out, I'll be equivilant to a 4th grader in china, who's ahead of me because Mandarin is his/her native tongue. Soooo all signs say no Chinese, lol.

Dilemma said...

Ugh, I want spring too! Winter was fun for about 2 I just want to wear sandals and shorts.


wow i love the lux top below in your last post and the yellow babydoll in this post :)

Aisha said...

It's funny to read how everyone can't wait until winter time is over and I just can't wait until the sun goes away and the climate starts to cold up a little!

Ediot said...

PLEASE give me summer and spring now.. :( great post.

Mademoiselle Bariolée said...

i ♥ the yellow dress

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