Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle


I get inspired all the time by random things in my life. For example, right now we're reading "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" by Ernest Hemingway in my literature class. As a result I'm currently sporting a zebra striped shirt, bead necklace with a wood pendant, and short sleeved cropped khaki jacket. The safari-esque style was seen all over runways as well. Animal print is timeless and doesn't have to look tacky if you pair it with more polished, tailored pieces. Also, check out that great safari coffee table book, that would instantly give a room an exotic jungle touch.

Get the look with:
  • military-style cargo jackets, dresses, and pants.
  • khaki, olive, and chino
  • beaded/wood accents
  • animal prints
  • tribal prints

xoxo, lauren


Kira Fashion said...


so amazing your blog and so nice you post the prices here too! great to know how much is it cost! love it!

so, i am adding you to my friend´s favourites, if you wanna, add me too!

a kiss and a hug,
keep in touch.


hannah said...

i love this trend. the micheal kors shorts are amazing. i must hunt those down.

Secretista said...

Reminds me of Africa<33

...welcome to the jungle we've got fun and games!

The Clothes Horse said...

Safari chic! Makes me want to go on an adventure...

coco said...

I love the 'on safari' look
great post!!

Kira Fashion said...

hello again!

just passing to say that you are in my links of the day!

take care,


Lorentzo* said...

Me encanta tu blog!!!

Kira Fashion said...

hi lauren,

thanks a lot for posting me back!

have a nice weekend!

a kiss and a hug,


atelier said...

The M. Kors shorts are lovely, I am looking for some high-waist summer shorts!

Ana said...

I love being inspired books and this look is fab.

Aisha said...

I loved how you put together all your pictures :)

I like this ttrend, but i haven't done much of it maybe i should try it , this post has really inspired me!

Molly :] said...

Ah, this fits in with the jumpsuit i want!

SKYLA said...

i've been looking for a safari style dress. the forever 21 is lovely.

saray said...

love the micheal kors shorts!

this trend remindes me micheal from project runway winning collection!

LML said...

love this african/tribal/safari/global look! the paul and joe dress is divine!

Rebel Chic said...

the micheal kors shorts are awesome!

SKYLA said...

Hey Lauren,
Don't worry if you're not at all interested but I remember you commenting on the military jacket on my blog. Now I'm selling it, on a 'name-your-price-and-i'll-see what-i-can-do'basis. =)
Just thought I'd let you know!

SKYLA said...
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