Monday, April 28, 2008

"Without Music Life Would be a Mistake"- Nietzsche


With Coachella Music Festival this week and lots more on the way I thought it would be a good idea to highlight music festival fashion. The most important thing besides looking fashionable is to dress for the sticky, humid summer weather. Go for tops and dresses in lightweight floaty fabrics, comfortable shoes, and a trusty pair of shades to top off the look. You also might want to bring along a permanent marker, you know, for the occasional rocker autograph. Anyone who can manage to look stylish during these concerts that span over days, gets major kudos in my book!

Does anyone have any exciting summer concert plans?

xoxo, lauren


K. said...

oh wow, are you going to coachella? if so, you are so lucky! i'm not doing anything besides the typical dave matthews band concerts up here. i wanted so so badly to go see m.i.a. (partially as an excuse to dress in ANYTHING and have a good reason as to why i did), but its sold out!

LML said...

oh how i want to go to a summer music fest (and get an outfit to go in lol)

ive been doing a lot of closet detoxing lately - prepping for next year! and i actually made some money at plato's closet :)

simply.steph said...

may 13th i'm going to help my friend chaperon her sister at the panic in the disco concert.. not quite a summer plan but it is concert related so i cant really incorporate your very helpful advise but i shall for future events! especially the permanent marker ahaha

discothequechic said...

sadly no fesivals lined up so far!
but seeing the coachella pics made me very envious of those lucky enough to be going to some.

so excited about summer!

Anonymous said...







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