Friday, May 30, 2008

Carrie Bradshaw's Guide to Fashion

I am SUCH a nerd. I definitely went to go see the Sex and the City movie at midnight with my girlfriends. It's crazy how much each of the four characters fits my best friends and me.. I'm the Carrie! Critics will say what you want about the movie (although I thought it did not disappoint). No one can deny that the all the amazing clothes (& manolos!) were an absolute feast for the eyes.

Sarah Jessica Parker had a reported 81 costume changes in the movie, and I about fell in love with every single one. I don't think it would hurt anyone to take a lesson from Carrie Bradshaw & kick their style up a notch and take some fashion risks.

These are some fashion tips inspired by her:

1. Forget everything you've ever been told about not mixing prints


2. A great pair of shoes can "make" an outfit


3. Don't be a label snob, sometimes the most eye-catching pieces are vintage

4. Belts are not just for pants

5. Don't be afraid to break out an old favorite from the closet


Now everyone go see it!

xoxo, lauren


atelier said...

I am dying to see it! and here in Spain we have to wait until 20th of June! It's so unfair!!

saray said...

I adore that movie!!
I had so much fun watching it!!!
and i couldn't stop staring at SJP shoes!!

hannah said...


YVONNE. said...

i can't wait to see it and see all the clothes and shoessss!

Bostonista said...

But it made me really, really want them to bring the show back.

Times of Glory said...

It is such a great post and it certaintly shows the charm of Carrie's fashion! I really love vintage mixing modern! Lots of character! Now, I cannot wait to watch the movie!

SKYLA said...

great post, i LOVED that wardrobe toss/take scene, i really want the white tutu dress!
I was literally staring at her feet for half the film, the shoes are too amazing for words. great post on ali michael too btw.

coco said...

I wish she had worn the last look to the NYC premiere! It would have been good!

terren said...

so sad i haven't seen it yet!

MizzJ said...

Oh man, I just watched it on Friday and it was amazing!! A whole audience of us girls all dressed to the nines, with smuggled bottles of wine watching SATC on the big screen - oh heaven! Thanks for the link! I put you on mine too ;)

aschlee said...

OOh I L.O.V.E.D the movie (obviously). One of my fav parts though was when Carrie busted out some of her 80's outfits. Especially the one you have pictured. *Sigh* loved the movie all we have to do is survive until the DVD comes out.

Fashion Is Poison said...

best movie ever!

Knight Cat said...

the last dress is amazing

sara said...

OH I heard that movie was so good, I can't wait to see it myself!

x sara o

Secretista said...

My love<33

Diabolina said...

cute blog ;)

Anonymous said...

I just love this movie!! It is perfect! I have seen it three times and each time I see something new =) I love the 80´s ballerin dress (L)

Anonymous said...







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