Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fashion Ink





I've been noticing lately the influence of tattoos on fashion. They've made their mark on everything from models, to editorials, to clothes. The Kenneth Cole ad is particularly eye-catching to me. Although Ed Hardy is one of the first to incorporate tattoos into fashion, as you can see it is not the only option. I think tattoo art adds a rebellious edge to an outfit. I don't have any myself, but I think they can be really beautiful and meaningful.

xoxo, lauren


susie_bubble said...

I love the Kenneth Cole ad too...very striking for the brand....

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

love the ink on gesile!

Ana said...

Cool post.
My best friends mom's friend is in one of those Kenneth Cole ads. ahaha sorry, random connection.

Aisling said...

So debating on getting ink...but it's so permanent! I don't know how Angelina does it

YVONNE. said...

i, for one, am all about tattoos!
i love them -- i only have one small one, but am getting more soon, but i think all the tattoo inspired fashion is amazing when done right, yet really tacky if overdone.

love your blog, btw.
i put you in the list of my must reads on the blog i JUST started :] i live in Tampa!

AllChic said...

Love the Kenneth Cole ad! I just did a blog post a couple of weeks ago about those tattoo stockings from Etsy. Also found a photo tattoo sleeves at the LA Thank You Mart. But now I'm off to dig into your blog a bit more....

Diana Coronado said...

I'm so inluv with T stripes shoes

They're beautiful

Anonymous said...

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