Saturday, May 10, 2008

Go International Goes Green


Rogan Gregory of Rogan, Edun, and Loomstate has produced the newest Go International Collection for Target. This collection is 2 years in the making, and best of all is entirely constructed of enviornmentally friendly materials such as organic materials such as organic cotton. This is a huge movement in terms of selling so many "green" pieces in a mainstream mega-retailer like Target.

They have also joined forces with Barney's to debut the collection there where it almost completely sold out in just under an hour. reports that the pieces look much better in person and is a better quality than any of the previous Go International collections. I can't wait to check my Target to judge in person when it makes its official debut on May 18th!

xoxo, lauren


What would you like my name to be? said...

sweet. nice blog, btw.

Bostonista said...

I love that Barney's is also stocking the line. I'm sure it's mostly because there aren't any Targets in Manhattan (are there?) but it definitely makes the store seem more accessible.
exchange links?!

LML said...

ooh thanks for telling me! im always obsessed w/ the international go lines and this im sure will be no exception! i really like how its ecofriendly - cant wait to check it out :)

Aisha said...

I love zebra prints :), that zebra mini skirt is awesome.

Yeah, I'm really serious about that getting very drunk idea. Dizzy is one thing, but really drunk is something I haven't done yet =P

Miss at la Playa said...

your pic of the header is so cute! :)

hannah said...

i love this. so chic.

Anonymous said...

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