Friday, June 20, 2008

Bright Lights, Summer Nights


I've been seeing lots of fluorescent colors, specifically tops lately. I think Jenni Kayne's look is great because it shows that it can be dressed up & stylish without looking too trendy. I think its a perfect summer look, it's the perfect time to wear bright hues. The highlighter colors are easier to pull off than they looks. JustMake sure to pair with something muted on the bottom like khaki or white to avoid looking like an 80's mess; and instead a great throwback look.

xoxo, lauren


Diana Coronado said...

Brilliant colors, that's what i luv

K. said...

i loveloveLOVE highlighter colors. i bought a bright green/yellow tank from old navy at the start of summer, and it is still my favorite to wear!

Margaux said...

I love that peachy orange color.

thetinylittlegirl said...

if you love brights you should check out marc jacobs fluo line. there are some really gorgeous fluo bags and clutches!!

Lauren said...

jenni kayne is ALWAYS spot on! her designs have become my new obsession :)

loving the summer recipie below!

Marie said...

I love all the vibrant and lively colors.
I also admire how you put where you could buy the "look alike" clothing.

FabFashionista said...

I love the neon colors. It stands out and shows we are united individual fashionistas.

Anonymous said...








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