Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gypsy Queen

I found this "vintage" March 2001 ELLE editorial in some archives. I love that even though its seven years old it looks relevant to today. I love the smoky eyes, head scarves, stacked bangles, and bohemian dresses. The shoot reminds me of the movie Chocolat, like this is a girl in Johnny Depp's traveling band of gypsies. Be inspired.






xoxo, lauren


MizzJ said...

Ooh those are gorgeous clothes! Love the dress in the 2nd shot. Where do you suppose one can get some boho dresses like those?

Cordie said...

thats a fantastic shoot. it is interesting, when you think about it, how little the trends have changed. boho chic is still in, maybe a little more toned down, and obviously here and there have still changed, but their have not been many drastic changes in the way people dress (i.e 70's-80's, 80's in general) but we have shifted away from the 90's, thank god!!

cordie xx

Diana Coronado said...

Wow !! Very ethnic, i like it !!

hannah said...

beautiful! i love this. the makeup is gorgeous.

susie_bubble said...

That's a great shoot.... i remember it well!

Kira Fashion said...

very rich, i really enjoy it!

a kiss!

LML said...

very inspiring! i love that movie chocolat! jonny is sooo dreamy in that lol

love the sex and the city post below - i have yet to see it :(

LML said...

oh and my trip was fabulous - we actually became friends with some brits lol! althought there were a lot of austrailians there

Secretista said...

This is just a great example of how Fashion is fickle and any trend can come in or come out.

Chelsea Rae said...

Oh, this is prefect for that skirt I'm obsessed with— you were right! The 3rd shot is my favorite!

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